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All Night Long? 5 easy tips to boost low sex drive



Libido is easily referred to as sex drive, the passion for sex which most times determine how healthy a sex life can be.

Sex therapist and Health contributing editor Gail Saltz has decided to give us a couple of ways on how to boost the libido, rekindle the fire in the bedroom.

1. Masturbation

You might not like it but its still one of the best ways to start with yourself, pleasuring yourself, its important that you know thyself before taking it to your partner.

2. Take a gynecologist talk

It might just be easier to talk to a professional about increasing your sex drive, maybe there is something about your hormonal situations it could be that you need certain medications.

3. Imagine things

As an adult, we’ve been asked to dismiss things such as imagining or fantasizing especially sexually but this might be one of the ways to help you boost your libido.

4. Talk more

Communication is key, if there are situations, it might be ideal for you to talk to your partner about it. Take about your concerns and carry each other along.

5. Change is constant

To spice things up in a relationship, trying new things might be the way. Talk to your partner to see what new thing they might be up to.

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