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Anal Sex: 5 back door foreplay tips you need to know


Sometimes, couples skip anal foreplay when it comes to their sex lives. However, a lot of people don’t know how enjoyable anal foreplay can be.

Due to the cultural stain in relations to anal sex, that it is unhealthy so many people don’t indulge in it. Therefore, couples should give anal foreplay a try because it feels so damn good. So whether you’re new to anal play or experienced, below are 5 fun tips.


1. Butt massage

An erotic butt massage is a good way to loosen up the target. With the gentle massaging and rubbing, control your way from the cheeks to right around the anus. This will help both of you relax before penetration.

2. Make sure to have a vaginal orgasm first

A lot of women find it really nice to have a vaginal orgasm first before starting off the anal foreplay. The anal foreplay helps to relax the body, including the muscles of the anus, which naturally grasp when they are stressed, self-conscious or uncomfortable.


3. Lubrication is key

The anus does not have its own natural lubrication, unlike the vagina which does. So, it’s better you opt for anal lubricant, which is three-dimensional than regular water-based lubes but still has that wet feel. And the thicker anal lubricant protects you from harmful bacteria and helps with a more comfortable experience.

4. Take a bath together

Taking a bath together ahead, during or after could make anal foreplay more enjoyable and fascinating for one or both of you. While hygiene shouldn’t be an issue, mentally, cleaning each other and touching this area in the shower may make it easier to get turned on and ready for the possibility of penetration.

5. Put in your fingers first

Start by fingering around the rim and perineum. Also, don’t forget the clitoris. Pay attention to the clitoris either with a sex toy or fingers will help her relax into it.

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