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Art Of Kissing: How to make someone crave for your lips always


Getting really intimate with your partner or someone through kissing is a great way to start a lasting bond. Kiss them and promise to never let them go.

Below are some tips to seal just that one moment of everlasting erotic intimacy.

1. Be sure they want it

If you don’t want to be slapped, you have to be sure they really want to be kissed by you. Do not assume they do want to be kissed because they are flirting or being extremely nice to you. Just wait for clear body language before you make a move.

2. Begin bodily contact ahead

You don’t have to kiss them after the first hug. It doesn’t work that way, you have to make the person want it, and be sure they are comfortable with the way your hand explores their body. So don’t kiss until you are sure they’re pleased with the physical contact.

3. The eye contact

This is a good way to get their full attention. They can see your intentions through your eyes, so be sure to pass your message across accurately. The eye contact will increase the level of intimacy and open ways for a kiss.

4. Be sure to have a sense of humour

Making them laugh should be a thing. When they laugh, they like you and the more they do, the more your chances of getting a good kiss. Tell jokes, make them laugh away and then show them what a good kisser you truly are.

5. When you finally kiss, make it soft and sweet

Do not force your face into theirs. Just keep it simple, soft and sweet. Focus on making the first kiss, a kiss to remember.

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