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Breasts: Interesting things your boobs could tell you about your health



The boobs are one interesting body part and they do random things during sex, they can also feel really different at various times of the month.

And when it comes to sexy times, your breasts often make you notice some interesting things too. But it’s also very beneficial to pay more attention to your lovely lady lumps. Here are a few signs of other things you may have to worry about.

1. The lumps or bumps

The lumps are natural with some women. So around the time of their menstrual cycle, hormonal changes can cause benign cysts to fill with fluid, especially around the underarm area. But like changes in shape, lumps and bumps can also be a sign of cancer. So it’s also advisable to see a doctor.

2. Bigger in size

If your boobs have grown bigger it could be a sign to worry about. The breasts are mostly just fatty tissue, and so a bigger rack is probably just a sign you’re piling on the pounds. But there could be another reason which is a sign of pregnancy. When a woman becomes pregnant, the milk ducts in their breasts begin to swell to get ready for breastfeeding.

3. Coloured nipples

If you notice changes in your nipples colour or it has become puffier, then you could be pregnant. The nipples become tanned when a woman is pregnant. The areola which is the small circular area of coloured skin around the nipple also stretches. However, it is important to remember that any change in colour can be a sign of breast cancer, so be sure to keep up with your regular checks.

4. Shrinking

If adding weight increases your boobs size, it means that shedding weight will shrink your boobs. So if your lady lumps appear to be shrinking, it could also be a sign your oestrogen levels are falling. The female sex hormone is responsible for breast growth in puberty. Levels of the hormone fall naturally before a woman goes through the menopause.

5. Change in shape

The breast shape and appearance are largely based on age and history of child-bearing and breastfeeding. Immediately after breastfeeding, and as women age, the ligaments that hold breasts in place stretch, the connective tissue breaks down and skin loses its elasticity, so boobs will droop and change into a tear-drop shape. The best way to avoid this is wearing a good-fitting bra. Changes in shape could also be a sign of something far more serious. So if the outline or shape of your breasts changes, it could be a sign of cancer, according to the NHS.

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