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Clitoris: Mind-blowing ways to stimulate it


The clitoris is very distinct. And there’s no standard way to stimulate a woman’s clit.

Generally, most women are divided into two zones and they those that prefer direct clitoral stimulation, and those who prefer indirect stimulation.

Here are few new ways to stimulate your woman’s clitoris for that awesome sensual pleasure.

1. Try different strokes

Start by building sensation first. Try by stroking diagonally across the surface of her clitoris, or try stroking the sides of the clit and the clitoral hood rather than the clit itself. Mix it up by using two, three, even four fingers if you typically just use one and also experiment with different patterns.

2. Apply pleasure

Start by gently squeezing the clit and slowly gripping the skin on either between your thumb and pointer finger. Once you’ve established what degree of pressure feels good for you, continue by handling the skin by moving your hand up and down.

3. Experiment edging

The term edging means to build up the climax, but then backing off just before she reaches that point of no return. You need to know her body well enough to discern how close she is to orgasm and exactly how much further she can go before pulling back.

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