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Coitus: 3 best positions for standing up sex



There are other positions that people consider their favorite sex positions and standing up is definitely one of those kinds.

Standing positions are usually for rear entry or bent over a couch or the edge of the bed. Most women feel a bit more supported when they are able to lean against something so the fear of falling over or being dropped is reduced.

So here are 3 positions for standing up sex.

1. Only one of you standing

This only involves one partner standing. If you’re not used to thrusting away while standing up, trust us, the center of gravity is different. Try getting more comfortable with a position like this rather than jumping right into it. Once you’re stable, you’ll feel better trying a position where you’re both standing.

Only one of you standing


2. The three-legged

The three-legged dog is a way more advanced sex position, but when you’re ready, it can be really fun. Facing each other, but with one of your legs lifted up and resting on your partner’s for support, you’ll have to really grip onto each other, making it an intimate and exciting position.

The three-legged


3. The forward and backward

Standing up can be a lot easier from behind. You can really brace yourself that way, especially if you stand a little further away from the wall and lean forward to ground yourself. But it all depends on your heights, so don’t be scared to try it a few different ways and do what works for you.

The forward and backward


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