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Couch Sex: 3 steamy sex positions to have it


Enjoy the season by stocking up on food/booze and getting busy on your sofa.

Check out timeless sex positions for that orgasmic sexual experience below.

1. The sluggish boy

Have your spouse lay down and stifle it back as far as it can go. If you still want to do it after seeing him pantless and fully leaned, straddle him facing his feet, then rub your clitoris as you move and he can hold onto your boobs.

The sluggish boy


2. The passage waves

Start by bending over the arm of the couch with your hands on the seat cushions for control. He stands to slide in, holding onto your ass for deeper thrusting.

The passage waves


3. The creamy spooning

The creamy spooning


Start by taking your top leg and hanging your foot over the back of the couch. Still as comfortable and a lil’ sexier. If it’s not quite doing it for you, squeeze some lube on his fingers and guide them where they need to go.

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