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While his friend’s mum was stroking his dick in the bathroom, she inquired about Lenny’s sex life and how many orgies he and her son had done.

The next morning I woke up first and looked at the beautiful older woman lying next to me in bed. It was hard to believe that I had just had the most incredible night of sex with my friends mother. She looked so angelic sleeping on her back with her cute firm breasts poking up in the hair and her hot pussy on display.
I eased her legs apart and lowered my mouth to her vulva. I teased her with my tongue until her pussy heated up and glistened with moisture.
She started to stir and reached down to her pussy only to find my head between her legs. She opened her legs wider giving me easier access to her delicious pussy.
I located her clit and brought a soft moan to her lips as I nibbled it gently. I then inserted a thick finger into her pussy and rubbed her g-spot as I continued to tease her hard clit. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter and she started to move her hips with a desire to cum.
That was the signal that I was waiting for and I moved my body up and knelt between her legs. I lined up my huge erect dick with Omolara’s dripping wet cunt and eased it in. Her face tensed with the anticipation of my big cock filling her pussy. I loved to watch my dick slide into a hot pussy and see the expression on my lover’s face as the cock spread her wider.
I fucked her slowly at first as I usually did and then I began to pick up the pace. Soon I was pounding her pussy and fucking her into submission. She had orgasm after orgasm as I relentlessly fucked her. I just kept at her with my piss hard-on until she screamed and pleaded with me to stop. Omolara’s body convulsed in a final mind blowing orgasm and then she went flaccid on the bed.
I smiled to myself and eased my cock out of her well fucked pussy. I got up and went into the bathroom to relieve myself and take a shower.
As I was in the shower Omolara came in and joined me. We soaped each other’s bodies and my dick was rock hard at attention. She knew that I hadn’t cum yet that morning so with a smile she dropped to her knees and took my dick in her mouth.
She only took about five inches in her mouth and stroked the rest of it with her delicate hand.
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“Let me know when you are about to cum. I want you to cum in my mouth,” she told me.
I just nodded. She kept sucking me and jerking me off until I put my hand on her head as a signal that I was close. She took me deeper in her mouth and jerked me off with her hand. Cum flew out of my dick and sprayed the back of her throat. She was caught off guard by the force and the volume of my ejaculation and she pulled my dick from her mouth to avoid choking.
My semen splashed against her breasts and neck as she guided my dick away from her face. The shower water washed the semen away as quickly as it hit her body. After ropes of cum shot out of my dick she squeezed the remaining seed out then took my dick back in her mouth and sucked me dry.
Omotola stood up, kissed me and then said,
“Wow that was so much cum. I have never seen so much cum.”
We dried off and put on clothes. Omotola got me one of Dami’s clothes then we went downstairs and Omotola made breakfast. After breakfast we adjourned to the family room, drank tea and had an open discussion about sex and what had happened between us.
Omotola was not as embarrassed as I thought she might be but she was concerned about discreteness. I convinced her that our sexual encounters would remain our secret and that she had nothing to worry about. Omotola trusted me and confided in me.
“I am ready for the hot bath, want to join me?” she asked.
“Absolutely that sounds great,” I replied.
We finished our tea and went out to the bathroom. I had been in this bath tub plenty of times with Dami and our girlfriends. Dami’s mum took off her robe and once again I stared at the amazing body of my best friend’s mother. We both got in the hot tub and Omotola positioned herself in front of me and leaned back into me.
I reached around and cupped her lovely breasts with both hands and she moaned as I played with her aroused nipples.
“I know that you and Dami made love with your girlfriends when you were both at the house. Did you do that very often?” she inquired.
“Yes we did, sometimes two or three times a week and when we were together as a foursome it really got hot,” I answered and then added, “Dami and I even switched partners occasionally. His girlfriend Ada really loved to ride my dick.”
“I can see why since you are bigger in that department than my son but how did Mary react to that?” Omotola asked.
“Mary was fine with it. In fact there were times when Mary and Ada got it on together and times when we made it a foursome,” I told her.
“Oh my I didn’t realize that the four of you had gone that far,” Omotola said in surprise.
“Yeah we had a lot of fun and a lot of great sex together. How about you Omotola? Have you ever been with more than one person? Have you ever been with another woman?” I boldly asked.
“Never more than one person but I have fantasized about it at times. In university, my bunkmate and I tried girl on girl sex and it was fun but we still preferred men,” Omotola confessed.
“You know it was right here in this bath tub when I first fucked Ada,” I admitted.


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