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Erotic Story/Crazy Lenny: Folake and her naughty friends’ erotic sleepover (Part 6)


“Damn, you smell like sex!” I tell her. “You girls might not think so,” I continue my semi-lecture to the other girls, “but a woman’s smell is a major turn on and why so many guys enjoy going down on their girlfriends.”

“Oooooo,” Nkechi moans as my finger slips between her pussy lips, exposing the slick pink interior.

“You have a lovely pussy, Nkechi,” I tell her, leaving the tip of my finger resting inside of her while I bend down towards her pussy. With my face inches from her aroused pussy, I take a big whiff and suck in her incredible aroma. I watch the girls turn up their noses as I push mine closer and breathe in her smell again.

“Damn, you smell like sex!” I tell her.

“You girls might not think so,” I continue my semi-lecture to the other girls, “but a woman’s smell is a major turn on and why so many guys enjoy going down on their girlfriends.”

“Do you go down on Bimbo?” Folake asks and I’m not sure why she’s brought up Bimbo.

“Who’s Kelly?” Nkechi asks as her pussy pulsates around my fingertip and she arches her back to suck it in farther.

“His girlfriend,” Folake answers, looking at me like she’s still waiting for an answer.

“Which of you has had your pussy eaten?” I ask the group in an attempt to sidestep Folake’s question. The girls look at each other and only Sandra raises her hand.

“I have,” Nkechi says, “but not by someone as experienced as you,” she smiles teasingly.

“Show us,” Ruth says. “Show us how you do it, Lenny.”

“I don’t know,” I answer, wondering why I’m even resisting this invitation.

“Why not?” Sandra asks.

“Oral sex is usually a preliminary to sex or a substitute for sex. If I start licking Nkechi’s pussy without giving her an orgasm, that’s not fair. I’m just going to frustrate her. And I’m not really sure we should be turning this sleepover into an orgy,” although it is close to one already.

“Same question, why not?” Sandra retorts. “You have four, or maybe three,” she hesitates as she glances at Folake, “very willing girls, am I right?” she asks of her friends. Nkechi and Ruth nod while Folake looks contemplative. “You appear to be somewhat aroused by us,” she laughs as she stares at my fully erect hard.

“We’re all over 18, Lenny, consenting adults,” Nkechi adds.

“Just do it!” I look to Folake for direction but she just shrugs like it’s completely up to me.

“What do you want me to do?” I ask to no one in particular. “Just taste her a little or eat her pussy through a full orgasm?” Okay, is this the weirdest conversation you’ve ever heard? It is certainly the most freaky conversation I’ve ever had. It’s like I’m putting it to a vote. While the girls all look at each other, my phone buzzes in my shorts pocket.

Folake grabs my shorts off the floor and extracts my phone from the front pocket. “It’s Bimbo,” she says, holding the phone up so I can see.

“Maybe she’s just flashing,” I answer, raising a smile from my niece. Shit. What am I doing here with these girls? Eighteen or not, they’re all too young for me. Before we can get back to what we were doing, the phone buzzes again.

“It’s a text,” Folake says, reading it out loud, “I’m sorry, let’s talk.” She raises her eyebrows at me. I should text her back but one of my fingers is in Nkechi’s pussy and they’re about to tell me how long I should eat her.

“Text her that I’m sorry, too. Helping my niece with something. Let’s talk tomorrow.”

“You want me to text all that?” Folake asks with a frown. “Why don’t I just tell her you’re eating our pussies and can’t come to the phone right now?” Her thumbs are flying across the screen before I have a chance to answer. The other girls laugh hysterically as I wonder what the fuck Folake actually texted.

“You have a girlfriend?” Sandra asks, sounding somewhat disappointed.

“We fight a lot,” I answer, not sure why I even said that.

“Why are you here with us if you have a girlfriend?” Ruth wonders aloud.

“Sandra has a boyfriend,” Folake counters,

“and she’s naked waiting to get her pussy eaten.” I guess that settles the question about whether it’s just Nkechi’s pussy I’m going to be diving my face into.

“Can we get back to this?” Nkechi asks. “Will you eat me to an orgasm, Lenny?” she asks quietly. I gently pull my finger from between her moist pussy lips, push her legs up towards her shoulders and lower my mouth to her labia.

“Ooooo yeah!” Nkechi moans as I flatten my tongue and lick from just above her asshole to her clit.

“The secret to good pussy eating is the tease,” I tell my nearly hyper audience.

“Anyone can dive in and tongue-fuck a pussy but the intense arousal that will produce an orgasm is a different art form.”

“Will you shut up!” Nkechi says, pulling my face back to her pussy. I take the hint and start licking all around her thick outer labia, tasting her juicy juices while I tease her by avoiding direct contact with her pussy.

The other girls move in for a closer look as Nkechi moans and murmurs in response to my machinations. I hear a gasp from one of the other girls when I lick around Nkechi’s crinkled asshole.

“He’s licking her ass,” Ruth whispers. “ewww!”

“Ask Nkechi how it feels,” I say over my shoulder to Ruth then push my tongue into Nkechi’s pussy and suck her inner labia into my mouth.

“Oh oh!” Nkechi cries when my tongue brushes against her clit. “It… um… felt weird to have him… you know… lick my butt, but I really liked it,” she reassures her friends.

“Oh yeah! Oh Lenny!” Nkechi screams as I suck her clit into my mouth and gently tap it with my tongue. Sliding a finger into her pussy, I push it in and out while I devour her clit with my mouth. Nkechi is rocking all over the chair now, moaning and crying words of encouragement.

“Oh! Oh! Just like that! Oh yeah! Oh!” she pants, as she grabs my hair and humps her pussy against my face.

“Damn!” Sandra exclaims. “He’s going to make her cum!”

Of course, I am. That’s the whole idea.

“I’m getting soaked just watching them,” Folake says, causing me to conjure up images of my niece’s juicy pussy as I attack Nkechi’s with renewed vigour.

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