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Erotic Story/ Grace, The House Girl: Grace joins the big league with Alhaji



“See no worry nothing go happen” Efe went on

“You no say them talk say all this big men dey use girls do ritual make money” Grace replied

“Mtcheeew” Efe hissed

Efe has been trying to convince her to sleep with one Alhaji all week

“See forget all this film and nonsense you dey hear, nothing go happen” Efe started again

“Him like you well well so him go give you plenty money” Efe said

Grace thought about the money, Efe has once shown her a bundle of money she got from a man she was sleeping with; she could really use the money besides what’s the big deal she’s been sleeping with different men this won’t be any different.

“Okay” Grace said

“You go do am” Efe asked smiling

“Yes” Grace answered nodding

“Okay make I call am” She said excitedly

She left to make the call leaving Grace to her thoughts, what if he was really old and she found him disgusting. She tried hard to get all the thoughts and focused on all the things she could buy with the money. Efe came back in smiling

“We go go meet am for hotel” She said smiling

She walked inside and soon returned handing Grace some clothes

“Change sharp sharp” She said to Grace

Grace slipped out of her clothes and slipped into the tight gown Efe gave her, it gathered her breast together showing off ample cleavage.

“Sit down make I do your makeup” Efe commanded

She sat down and her friend got to work, after like 15 minutes, Grace almost didn’t recognize herself in the mirror. She looked like one of the beautiful elegant girls she always envied

“Oya let’s be going” Efe said

She forced herself away from the mirror and wore the maxi jacket, she slung on the purse and they headed out. They got a taxi drop and Efe gave directions. Soon they were at the hotel, after she paid the taxi and they headed to the reception where efe did all the talking

“So climb the stairs and go to room 208” She started to Grace

“No forget make sure him use condom, when he finish and him pay you, come straight to my house, you hear” She said to Grace

Grace nodded before heading up the stairs feeling nervous, she located the room and knocked feeling like the ground will swallow her

“Come in” She heard a voice say

She opened the door and headed in, he was seated on the bed only tying a towel; she was glad he took his bath

“My name is Grace” she stammered

“Yes yes I know, come and sit down” He said tapping the space beside him

She walked over and sat down beside him her eyes fixed on the floor

“You’re more beautiful in person” He said

He placed his hand on her face and turned her to face him, he kissed her lips lightly before kissing her neck leaving a wet trail that gave grace goosebumps; not the good kind. She closed her eyes and pictured her Oga’s brother; they should be the same age.

He dipped his hand in her gown and squeezed her breast making a grunting sound

“Stand up and remove your clothes” He ordered

She stood up and took off the jacket then unzipped the gown and stepped out of it. She stood naked in front of his widening eyes, she looked down to see a bulge forming under his towel. He stood up and went into the bathroom leaving her standing naked the AC making her nipples stone hard. He came back a few minutes later with his dick fully hard

“Turn around and bend down” he ordered as he sat down

She turned around and bent down, he made her part her legs before he stuck a finger inside her pussy, he pulled out his finger and replace it with two fingers, he took them out and traced a line to her clit, she moaned as he rubbed her clit

“Shush I don’t want to hear you” he ordered

She tried not to moan as he finger fucked her dripping pussy, she heard the sound of tearing condom and braced herself. She bit her lower lip as he pushed into her till he was fully inside her, he slammed hard into her

“You like that you stupid slut” He grunted

“Say yes sir ” He yelled

“Yes sir” She said trying not to moan

“Oh yes!” He grunted louder

He slammed hard and fast into her before he stopped,she could feel him shaking and knew he was cumming. He slipped out of her and sat down on the bed, she stretched up feeling how sore her pussy was and turned to see him counting money. He threw them towards her purse

“Take it and get out” He ordered

She quickly wore her clothes,picked up the money and left.

In the taxi she counted 15k and almost shouted out of joy in the car. She could see herself doing this more.

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