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Erotic Story/Mae Wilde: The billionaire’s dramatic girlfriend


His full lips were barely parted, his face peaceful. He looked young in his sleep, relaxed. Mistress Bitch! [Chapter 1] That visceral, male aggression that usually clung to him softened when he slept, but the innate arrogance was somehow still there. in the curve of his mouth, in his string features and the…

He lay next to me still asleep. The cinnamon skin of his brawny shoulders looked dark, as always, next to my light skinned curves. he lay on his stomach, his face turned towards me, his muscular arm curved around a pillow.

His full lips were barely parted, his face peaceful. He looked young in his sleep, relaxed.

That visceral, male aggression that usually clung to him softened when he slept, but the innate arrogance was somehow still there. in the curve of his mouth, in his string features and the dark stripes of his eyebrows, I watched him sleep for a few minutes fascinated by his mesmerizing flawlessness. He was astoundingly beautiful. He had the build of an athlete. Tall and toned with graceful bones, powerful, with the kind of strength that draws your eye and makes you aware of it. of how easily it would be for him to use it. On you. Of how brutal he could be when he drove his immense, thick, hard-as-stone cock deep into you, forcing wave after wave of raw, lustrous pleasure.

I could have touched him with feather-like strokes across his shoulders and down his back. I could have rubbed myself against him and kissed his perfect lips, licking him, tasting the minted, drugging flavor of him. I knew he’d be instantly ready for me. Alexander was always ready, but today was the day I was to start my new job. As Alexander’s assistant. Not as his assistant, I reminded myself. As his business partner.

The whirlwind romance had not only landed me a gorgeous sex-god as a fiance, it had also placed me at the right hand of one of the most powerful CEOs in Lagos City: founder, owner and mastermind of De Gold Enterprises. Alexander was the Executive Director of the hugely successful magazine Regal. He also owned two major transporting companies and ran several investment companies and more. He was a type A genius with a dark side and a voracious carnal appetite.

Which he took out on me at every opportunity. Which was, it had to be said… OFTEN. I do not complain however, it felt amazing to be wanted so badly by someone such as Alexander.

It was early Monday morning. Early.

Earlier than we usually woke, we’d become night owls, the two of us. Darkness was our erotic haven, where we could exist only for each other. I didn’t regret a single decision. Of course I didn’t, but sometimes when I stopped to think about things, like now in the quiet of an orange-skied dawn, I almost felt a sense of giddiness from the huge shift my like had taken over the course of exactly two months.

Two months!

Two months ago, I’d been a capable yet fumbling, unemployed, broke, virginal ex-corper who dressed in unflattering clothes and wore unfashionable glasses, had short natural hair that I could barely control and preferred to keep all members of the opposite sex at arm’s length. And now? Well, times had most definitely changed.

At least when it came to one member of the opposite sex. The quiet expansive room hummed with plush, cocooned luxury. Alexander’s bed was huge, swathed in expensive cotton and silk, most of which was displaced and/or rumpled by our passionate lovemaking. At this I’d proven a prodigy. Whoever thought virgins took things slow once they finally got fucked at the advanced age of 24… well they hadn’t put me in a locked room with Alexander Gold.

It had taken all of thirty minutes for us to not get only intimate but downright feral and animalistic. There had been a desperation to it that I still couldn’t explain. Physically, we were like magnets. Greedy, super strength magnets who had no control. None of it made sense really, that we’d been willing to risk everything to get as close as humanly possible from that very first encounter – end every encounter since? Who does that? I mean what highly educated, soon-to-be-professional, modern woman throws all – and I mean all – caution to the wind just to get down and dirty with a ridiculously sexy, overconfident billionaire?

This one apparently

He was my drug and my addiction. With him, lines became skewed and normal considerations simply do not apply. His dick was the essence to my being, the very food that gave me sustenance. To not get close to him proved impossible. To not want to get closed to him seemed insane! Alexander

My lover, my devil and my saint. My strength and my weakness!

My fiance

My beautiful, crazy Alexander. All mine!

I was intensely happy that e would spend the day together, that we’d spend everyday together and so far, that seemed to be our way. Since I had met him to interview for the position of his assistant, we’d been completely overcome, to put it mildly. Inseparable and insatiable, he had difficulty letting me out of his sight, and I knew why.

I knew what fueled his protective instincts, still, it would now be a challenge for him” seeing me at work, having me ensconced in his professional setting. In his office and meeting with his staff. He took his work very seriously and it would be difficult for us both, to resist. To act like normal people and not wanting to tear at each other’s clothing like lust-crazed hedonists.

*sighs na wa*

I’ll agree to try to employ you, Alexander had said. I can’t guarantee that this will work for me, though. I’m too close, too deep. I need to be able to focus on my companies, without distractions. And you my sweet Becca, my sweet Adaure are more of a fucking distraction than I can handle.

We’d fought about it but that had been before my meltdown. Before JayJay had rescued me, I knew Alexander wouldn’t risk driving me away again. I now had a ring on my finger and a key to his universe, to come and go as I liked. I had his fucking heart and his cock and he would tame himself, or he would die trying.

I hoped it would work – I wanted to be ready for it.

Silently, I rose from the bed, taking care not to wake him. I needed some time to prepare myself, physically and mentally. It had been a while since I’d worked or studied, or done anything at all except immerse myself un the decadent embrace of Alexander’s attentions.

I showered alone. Already, I missed him. the contact, the closeness and the warmth. If I’d stayed in bed dozing, he would have woken me like he usually did, with his mouth all over me, licking into me, softly opening me with his tongue, his breath silken against the sensitive skin of my thighs. Or with his rock-hard cock, pressing its huge hard heat against me as he spooned me, cradling me in his all en-compassing embrace.

At first, he’d just hold me, then I’d feel him finding his way inside, barely entering me. He’d wait pressing gently until my body began to soften and dew. I’d arch sleepily against him until I became slippery enough for him to slide his massive arousal deep, and deeper, filling me, possessing me entirely. His fingers would be everywhere, intimate and playful at the same time. Coaxing warm, blissful pleasure. His powerful hold would demand submission, but I’d squeeze him with my body, pressing back against him invitingly, taking everything he gave.

Making demands of my own, my own pleasure would tug at his, drawing the ecstasy out of him in clenching undulating pulls, until he flooded me with his liquid heat.

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3 years ago


3 years ago

I don’t know if all the stories are incomplete or that’s where you chose to stop them e.g mistress bitch

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