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Erotic Story/Mae Wilde: The billionaire’s dramatic girlfriend (Part 7)




Her right hand rested on my leg, and her left hand gently held a mug of coffee, displaying the ring. $250,000 of Tiffany’s finest flown in from the US. Just for my honey girl.

“Nice to see you all,” I began, willing my own steadiness. I didn’t want to fuck around, I wasn’t known and respected for that and it was better to get right down to the heart of the fucking matter.

It turned out to be easier than I thought, I was steady when it came to work and leadership within the company I built from nothing.

As long as I focused on them – and not on her – I was fine. my voice was unwavering, almost arrogant. Which was fine to me because it was better to come off as a prick than a pussy whipped mess.

“Most of you know by now that I have hired a new assistant. This Rebecca Nwachukwu” I said, Becca smiled a little, she seemed cool and quietly confident. Aware of her own power now that I had given her all. She’d changed over the past two months, she’d always exuded a kind of sexual prowess even if she hadn’t always been aware of this.

She had bowled me right over with it he moment I laid eyes on her. now she was more experienced and daring, she knew her own influence.

“As some of you might have heard” I continued,

“Becca is now not only my new assistant but she’s also my fiance. we plan to marry soon” I let this information settle for a few seconds, there were surprised murmurs, some not surprised. A saw in satisfaction as the smirk wiped off Juwon’s face. a few of them offered their congratulations. Halimah Nasiru, executive editor of the Fashion section of the magazine, obviously hadn’t heard the news.

Her eyes widened, Halimah was a tall, willowy woman with long natural hair that were always in the latest styles or whatever. Today she wore it in a tight bun which made her look severe, her black chunky glasses however and her tight clothes were her trademark. It wasn’t a look that endeared her to men, because it just looked like she was trying to hard, but she was damn good at her job.

I’d been encouraged to head-hunt her about two years ago from another magazine, I’d offered her big money to jump ship and so far, she had worked out well. The fashion shoots had received glowing reviews monthly. Halimah had walked in, glanced at Becca, then turned her attention to the agenda, but she was listening now.

Staring at the ring and I knew the first fucking person she would call.


I let the unpleasantness of that realisation drift. I hadn’t thought that much about my ex since Becca had showed up, I had mostly ignored Adanna’s irate and frequent phone calls. To be honest, I was fully aware that I’d been a complete asshole to her. I wasn’t proud of it, but in my mind the whole thing was well and truly over. I hadn’t wanted a child at least not then and she decided to trick me into having one just to keep me under her thumb.

She had gone and had twins, and all that changed with those two beautiful babies that stole my heart the minute I looked at them and the minute the girl one held my finger. We were set to marry after that and everything until my brother found out that those darlings weren’t mine. I almost killed him for lying to me – accusing him of always standing in the way of my happiness.

He had punched me in the face, it hurt but the greatest blow was when I found out that he was right. I couldn’t breathe, I had thrown her out of my house then and kept the babies for a couple more days before I had to let them go. it was heartbreaking, the first time I had ever felt that way in my thirty-four years of life and I was strictly avoiding such an occurrence again.

It did leave me with a shorter temper than I already had before. It was best to make things crystal clear.

The entire thought process left me feeling irritated. When I spoke again, my voice sounded mildly pissed off. Which was probably a good thing as I didn’t want there to be any misunderstandings about the next detail.

“Becca just finished a Masters from the New York City University at the top of her class. She has some experience in publishing due for service to the country and will be working alongside me in whatever capacity she and I choose. With my assistance – and yours – she’ll be learning the ropes and the ins and outs of the entire magazine.

She’ll spend time in each department, to be informed directly by each of you. I want her to learn the workings of the company from the ground up. so I’ll thank you in advance for welcoming her and guiding her in whatever way she requires as she settles into her new role.” I glared at Olajuwon Ajanaku, except him.

I had a distinct urge to fire his ass on the spot, but I inwardly applauded myself on my restraint. I could sack him if the need arose, If, he made one wrong move or if it all became too much to bear. Until then, I had enough on my plate besides looking around for a new Political and Current Affairs Department head.

The guy had like 10 different degrees from prestigious Universities and must therefore be smart enough to know that I would happily throttle him if he so much as looked at her sideways or touched a hair on her pretty head. He saw the look I gave him while saying something polite and non-suggestive to Becca and she smiled at him briefly and replied with a tactfully abrupt – for my sake, I knew – response before turning to the next person as I began to introduce them, one by one.

On the next item on the agenda which was filling me on all I’d missed since I’d been away. Taking my out of the blue hiatus from life so I could gorge myself on her beauty and sweetness, her smile and her laughter. Her initiation and her satiation.

Her luscious body and that tight little…

No. Control it. Do. Not. Rise.


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