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Erotic Story/Mae Wilde: The billionaire’s dramatic girlfriend (Part 8)



It was agonizing, with her delicate little hand still resting on my thigh like that. I stared at Halimah Nasiru who was speaking, not taking in a word knowing I would read their reports later. I concentrated on her weird glasses and her long nose.

She was working some odd look today that might have been edgily fashionable but it was doing her no favours, I wondered and not for the first time, what she and Adanna ever had in common. My ex- fiance was a highly successful model and fashion blogger who wrote a monthly column in my magazine Regal. It was Halima’s idea and they had become friends due to that and still were for all I knew.

Ah, this was better.

Listening to Halima’s monotone in that thick Hausa accent that edged in once in a while as she talked about her vision for the next fashion spread was helping. My hard-on was back under control. Which was a very good thing because my phone rang and it was a call I would need to take. A top EFCC official, JayJay had mentioned her this morning.

He had given the lady my number at the detective’s insistence. He wanted to speak to me about the accusation on JayJay for money laundering that my brother was tangled up in. I’d already made up my mind to do everything I could to pay our way out of it, if it came to that. and I knew that I had to spend the next few hours dealing with whatever this person had to tell me.

I stood up to the collective group:

“Sorry, I have to take this” I had to get out of there, and remove my mind from picturing Olajuwon drooling over Becca. I had this officer on the other end of the line awaiting my undivided attention but I had to know where Becca would be first.

“Halimah” I said

“Show Becca around today. Give her a tour of your department. Introduce her to your people. I might be gone for a while” I realized how fucking abrupt I sounded then I added a hasty

“Thank you”. Halima’s tense face softened a small degree. Usually I was more dedicated to my people’s skills but today was already having its way with me. I’d been given a practically-public blow job by my unbelievably hot freak of a fiancee and my brother was about to get arrested.

I looked at Becca as I left, “Will you be alright?”

“Fine” she smiled in that sexy demure way. I had the urge to smash my lips against hers then but twelve pairs of eyes were staring at me. Certain revelations would undoubtedly cross her path today that would shake her, I wished I had prepared her for what she was about to learn.

I hadn’t want to shatter any of the moments we’d had so far and my admissions definitely would have. But I wished to hell right now that I’d done it anyway.

“I’ll see you later” She said with a reassuring smile.

It was one of the most difficult things I’d ever had to do: leave her, pathetic possibly.

I didn’t even fucking care. I felt like scooping her up and taking her to some place private, where we could be alone and talk and laugh and make love in that insanely beautiful way we did. So I could wrap myself around her, so I could reach her and kiss her and touch her, so I could get inside.

It was all I really wanted to do. Instead, I opened the door and closed it behind me as I answered the phone. “Alexander Gold”

“Mr. Gold, this is Officer Anapuchi Ikeji calling you from the EFCC. How are you this morning?” Came a cool surprisingly sultry voice

“Fine. You?”

“Good, I want to cut to the chase. Despite my record I really don’t like to jail people but heads have to roll Mr. Gold. Your brother’s laptop was seized and there is enough in there to put him away for 20 years”

She said still very cool. Twenty years? Shit. What the fuck had JayJay been up to?

“I am sure we can come to an agreement Officer. I have very deep pockets” I said unable to take away the grumpiness that was settling in.

“They are not going be satisfied with a pay-off this time, Mr. Gold. They want blood and they want jail, I suggest you meet with your brother, prep with you lawyers to within an inch of their lives and get ready to write some fat cheques. Even so you will be lucky if he gets less than two years”, I pulled on the little ‘fro on my head.

My brother wasn’t cut out for jail, he looked tough but his chasms of vulnerability somehow shone through the hard-man facade. My heart skipped a couple of beats at the thought of my baby bro in jail. My moron of a brother who it was my job to protect who’d had every hard knock life could cough up and because of that, he couldn’t quite shake his ‘fuck you’ attitude. I suppressed the urge to swear at and/or threaten Officer Ikeji.

“I’ll be in touch as soon as we’ve met with our lawyers, Officer” I said.

“Make it sooner rather than later. An arrest will be issued next Friday if we haven’t heard from you by then” then the line went dead. I leaned against the wall for a minute, feeling suddenly drained. I wished I could take him away, hide him somewhere, maybe we could?

He could simply disappear, live his life in a foreign country in any house of his choosing. But my brother was not a quiet person, he didn’t do rules and if I thought it would work I would have suggested it.

I hastily called my lawyers.

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