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Erotic Story/Smoking Bass: The circle of perverts (Part 2)


After a few more seconds of looking around, he finally turned around and saw the jacket. He hurriedly put it on and picked up his phone which was on the dresser. Then he turned to face his wife. “I would be back in two days” And to his surprise, she busted out laughing.

Aisha watched as her husband finish knotting his tie and started looking around for his jacket. She made no move to get out of bed or to tell him the jacket was right on the sofa behind him. Ahmed for his own sake did not bother to ask her, he did not want to flame the fire that was already building up.

After a few more seconds of looking around, he finally turned around and saw the jacket.

He hurriedly put it on and picked up his phone which was on the dresser. Then he turned to face his wife.

“I would be back in two days” And to his surprise, she busted out laughing.

He was shocked and could only stand to stare at her. After a while, she stopped.

“What makes you think I care if and when you come back?” She hissed. Ahmed frowned but knew better than to confront her, he made his way out of the room to the spacious living room that told quite a lot about the opulence they lived in.

“You are ready, sir?” Ahmed’s personal assistant jumped up and asked as soon as he saw his boss walk in.

“Yes, let’s go” Ahmed nodded at his assistant. At that moment, Aisha came out of the room clapping her hands with a night robe tied loosely around her body. Ahmed’s assistant had to summon all the willpower he had not to stare at her for too long. His eyes fell to look at the tiled floor.

“Just know that when you step out of the house, I am also taking a trip of my own” She announced.

“What do you mean?” Ahmed’s hand folded up into a fist involuntarily.

“You heard me! The moment you step out, I am also heading out to meet someone who can actually make me feel like a woman. Someone who can dick me down properly and not just some flimsy excuse for a dick” Aisha hissed.

Ahmed’s assistant took this as his cue to leave the room and quietly did so without looking back even if he did want to stare again at Madam’s amazing body.

“You can’t be throwing money around and expecting that is all I want! Fuck you, I have got my own money! This body needs proper filling” She took off her robe and flung it to the ground to buttress her point. Ahmed’s eyes widened as he saw his wife’s large nipples all erect and the nicely trimmed opening between her thighs. He could feel the blood rush to his dick and knew what he had to do. He started to unbuckle his belt.

“Wait, what do you think you are doing?” Aisha’s voice made him pause.

“You think you are going to fuck me with that little dick and leave me unsatisfied this morning? No, thank you. I am not interested. My dildo would do a much better job”. She hissed and strutted off to the room naked, her robe on the floor where she had left it.

Ahmed did not know what to be mad at, the fact that his wife was denying him sex or the fact that she owned a dildo. What wife owns a dildo? A wife deprived of good and quality sex, he told himself. He closed his eyes and tried to calm himself, it was the least he could so to stop himself from crying. He opened his eyes and fixed up his belt back.

Then he walked out of the house, his head bowed. Back in the room, Aisha waited and waited till she heard the sound of her husband’s car driving out of the compound. Then she reached for her phone and scrolled through her contacts and dialed up a number. It was picked up at the first ring.

“Wow, were you waiting for me to call already?” Was the first question she asked before anything else.

“Well, you have been on my mind too much these days. You have no idea how much I miss that pussy and spanking that fat ass of yours.” Came the voice from the other end. The words sent a chilling sensation up Aisha’s spine and a warm feeling between her thighs.

“Well then, today you get to crave your hunger. Tell me where and when you want this pussy. I need that dick in me so bad” Aisha half moaned into the phone.

“My place, one hour. I am leaving my office now”

“One hour” and then she ended the call. Time to hit the bathroom.

The prayer session came to an end finally, it was a little longer than the usual due to the fact that Brother Chinedu had prostate cancer and special prayers had to be said for him and his imminent trip abroad for treatment. Ada led the prayers and took her time.

Then everyone said their goodbyes with hugs and kisses till she was the only one left. Everyone else had a job they had to rush to, she had none. This was all the work she would ever need, her husband made quite enough income for five people and her needs were not much. She lived quite the modest lifestyle.

In a matter of minutes, she was all alone and she looked around seeing the church was in order and all the chairs had been returned to their proper places. She sighed and thought about what she was going to do for the next few hours till the kids were back from school. It was hard to admit but the level of boredom these days had gotten to a whole new level.

Then there was the ache in her boobs, she looked down and said a little prayer before reaching for her phone. She speed dialed 9 and waited as the phone rang..

“Hello baby”

“Would you stop with that baby? I have warned you severally” She chuckled into the receiver.

“But you are my baby, so what do you expect me to call you”

“You are a case, hope you know that?”

“I am anything for you” Crooned the voice at the other end

“Well then be available for me today” Ada whispered, hit the knowledge that she was still inside the church building even if she was alone.

“Oh, I am so sorry, baby. I am at work, we are having an emergency meeting in thirty minutes. Can we meet up for tomorrow? I would clear my whole schedule for you” The voice pleaded.

“Oh okay, if you say so but I really do miss your touch” Ada moaned.

“I know, I miss touching you too. I would make it all up to you tomorrow”.


“I promise”….

Olumide put the phone back in his pocket as he walked up to his secretary’s desk.

“Lara, cancel all my appointments for the rest of the day. I have got to rush home, some family appointment”. he turned around and started walking away.

“Is everything okay, sir?” Lara asked with a concerned look.

“I hope so” And with that Olumide was out the door.

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