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Erotic Story/Smoking Bass: The circle of perverts (Part 8)


Earlier… “How far?” Olumide had opened up the door trying to calm the fear in his voice. He could not tell if he was doing an amazing job or not. Ahmed did not seem to notice. “I am good o, just getting back from a trip and needed to come see you” Ahmed said as…

Olumide walked back to the living with a bottle and a cup before settling down with his laptop. He opened it up and scrolled down to his video files. Now he needed answers and hopefully the video he was about to watch would provide them.


“How far?” Olumide had opened up the door trying to calm the fear in his voice. He could not tell if he was doing an amazing job or not. Ahmed did not seem to notice.

“I am good o, just getting back from a trip and needed to come see you” Ahmed said as he walked past his friend into the living room.

Olumide adjusted the towel he had hurriedly tied around his waist as he watched his friend take a seat. What was going on? Aisha had left barely five minutes ago, was it possible that she and Ahmed had crossed path? Or had Ahmed known she had spend the last two days here and had just been waiting for her to leave before he come to confront Olumide?

For the second time in a space of two days, Olumide’s mind was in turmoil.

“Ehen, where did you go to this time around? Mr Globe trotter” Olumide asked with a forced smile.

“I just went to Abuja, had some quick business to tie up” Ahmed was not ready just yet to tell anyone his problem or the length he had gone to, for a solution.

“Oh, sha share this money when the time comes abeg” Olumide was still not at ease.

“So, what will you drink?” He continued.

“Sit down first, Olumide. That is not the reason I am here although I would still have a drink before I leave but more important matter first” Ahmed motioned to a chair right beside him.

“Okay?” Olumide nervously sat down, a thousand scenarios running through his mind. Was his friend about to kill him for sleeping with his wife? Or was he about to plea and tell him something else?

“Bro, I need you to help me arrange one lady for the evening. I need to relieve some sexual tension” Ahmed dropped the bombshell.

“Ehn!” Was all Olumide could say as his jaw dropped.

“I am serious, need to fuck someone senseless”. Ahmed said with a straight face.

Olumide had never been more confused in his whole life. Aisha had told him that her husband had not been able to have an erection for over a year and now the said husband, his friend was asking him to hook him up. Something was not adding up.

“I don’t understand”. Olumide finally managed to whisper.

“Guy, why are you like this na? We all know you have different ladies at your beck and call. I just need one for today. One to blow my mind” Ahmed said with a mischievous smile.

Were they fucking with him? Was it possible that both husband and wife were playing some sort of sick game with him?

“Wait, wait. Aren’t you married? What happened to Aisha?” He managed to summon up courage to ask.

“Nothing, she doesn’t even know I am back yet but occasionally it is needed to try somethings outside” Ahmed still had the smile on his face.

Olumide had not understood anything that was going on but still he had gone ahead to call up a lady for his friend. Then while they waited, gotten drinks and talked.

The lady had arrived within an hour, she was one of those who lived for the feel of a good fuck and nothing more.

Money was not the main attraction for her and Olumide had chosen her for this specific reason. After the usual introductions and another bottle gone, she had stood up and pulled Ahmed up by the hand and led him to Olumide’s master bedroom. Olumide had wanted to object and ask them to head to one of the spare rooms but he thought of it and said nothing. He watched them go while he sat down to finish up his drink.

There had been no human sound from the room except for once when he had heard the lady scream out and then there was silence. He heard a couple of things crashing around the room but still he did not stand up. He was confused and intrigued at the same time but he knew he would have his answer by the end of the day.

For he had a camera in his master bedroom, he had fixed it for the sole purpose of recording his sexual conquests especially whenever he fucked Aisha, she was the perfect porn star and he always loved to re-watch fucking her.


As he sat and watched Ahmed fuck the lady, he began to have serious doubt about the true profession of husband and wife. He had never seen anyone fuck like that, well except in porn flicks of course.

The way Ahmed had taken her from behind and drove into her had caused the scream he had heard earlier. Then he watched as Ahmed had pushed her head into the sheets and continued to fuck her like some incubus. He had no idea just how turned on her was till he could feel some pre-cum rubbing against his skin and boxers.

He reached for his phone.

And scrolled down his contacts to Aisha.

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