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Erotica: Sikiratu, my gateman’s daughter (Part 3)



I take purposeful steps down the stairs and across the compound.

SIKIRATU! SIKIRATU!!!”, I start to scream from some distance away.

” SAH!!!” She responds in fright, she has never heard me scream before. She hurries out, panic etched all over her face. And when I reach her I slap her twice on the face before I push her into the room.

“WHERE IS MY WIFE’S PANT?!” I bellow, my voice stentorian, bouncing off the walls.

She is in shock, sprawled on the ground, her scarf off again, one hand on her face.

“But Sah?”, she blubbers.

” Don’t but me, young woman”, I say, “where is my wife’s pant?”

At that I stoop to her as she is on the ground, and I force her hijab up. She is frantic now, scared, as a proper prey should be. Her hands are flying everywhere in an attempt to stop me.

“Pleeeeasse Sah”, she cries, ” Pleeeaaase”.

But I have pulled her hijab to her tummy now, and I can see that she is wearing my wife’s pretty lace panties.


“Pleaaase”, Sikiratu keeps blubbering, but I have my eyes set now.

” Bitch!”, I curse, “Why did you wear it?” My eyes are sternly on her but my mind still sees that her thighs are fairer than the rest of her skin, and both my hands, strong as they are, are grabbing her thighs, firmly.

“Pleaaase Oga. Dan Allah. I thought you dash me the paynt!”

In a feat of feigned anger, I sigh, before I proceed to pull down the panties from her waist.

She pleads and she begs, and she kicks with her legs and shoves with her hands, but I am stronger than her and before long, before ever breaking a sweat, I have my wife’s underwear in my hands.

Sikiratu’s pussy is a pretty thing to behold. It is glistening wet, I can already see a bit of cream trailing down the sides of her legs. The bitch is horny.

“Pleaaase Oga. Pleeasse”, she keeps crying but I maintain my frown.

” I would tell my wife about this. I give you her pants to wash and you decide to wear it? Salisu must hear this!”

“Ah!!!!”, I can see the fear all over her face now. ” Oga please!!! Please DON’T TELL MY FATHER!!!”

Mission completed. I stare her down and I sigh, but inside I am doing a thousand dances. Angrily, I pull her by her head and I produce my thick dick from beneath my hijab before shoving it in her mouth. She proceeds to suck it good without a whimper or a further word. Up and down the shaft she goes, licking it cleanly. I hold her head to me as she sucks me, pushing my dick as far back her throat as ever it can go.

And she takes it like a pro, choking. I can feel her tears drop on my dick but even this, she licks clean. I pull her head off my dick, and without a word, I point to my balls. There she licks with her tongue, going in circles. I can’t imagine who thought Sikiratu all that she is doing but I swear she is quite good at it.

She takes my balls into her mouth and she coughs twice. Damn! I feel shockwaves go up my spine. Opeyemi has never given me a good head like this, nor have the many other women I have banged before now. Out of the sides of my eyes, I spot Salisu’s mat and an idea comes to mind.

So I pull Sikiratu off my dick and in a haste, I grab the mat from where it lies. I take it outside, pulling Sikiratu by the hand behind me and I lie it there, in the shade of the little house at the gates.

Sikiratu is looking at me, confusticated and amused.

“COME HERE!!!”, I bawl.

To be continued.

Written by Dear Mac.

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