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Focused Sex: Steamy tricks for staying in the moment during coitus


Just after cleaning up after dinner and making sure you are all set to hit the sheets for that sex session you’ve been longing for all day.

But immediately the foreplay starts and just before you get to the main course of the day, you start thinking about work deadlines or your friend’s Instagram post. And before you know it, you’re a miles away from your partner.

However, a lot of people are faced with the inability to focus on the here and now during sex, especially for women. So in order to have the most satisfying sex of the night and always, you need to focus on relaxing and figure out what turns you on at the moment.

1. Just be mindful

Practice by taking a minute of any day to focus on one sensation, whether it’s sight, smell, taste, touch, or sound. Also, try listening to a song and pay close attention to all the words and the melody, rather than use it as background music. By doing this you can now focus on how every kiss feels, or pay attention to your partner’s breathing and the way his fingertips feel warm on your skin. Focusing on those details will keep you in tune with what is happening at the moment and nothing more.

2. Play this sexy game

You can try out a sexy truth or dare game. When playing this game you’re already thinking of the next dare or truth you’ll ask, rather than your daily life. Each option will play off what’s going on between the sheets, keeping you tuned in to the moment.

3. Just take the lead

Being a dominant partner means you’re in charge of the action and that means you have no choice but to be focused. Concentrate on your partner and making them feel good. However, taking the lead doesn’t mean you have to plan the menu for all those sexy moves too, it’s just about paying more attention to what the other person wants and finding out by experimenting and asking questions.

4. Change locations

You can do it in a different part of the house, doesn’t always have to be in the bedroom. A change of location works most of the time, but if it doesn’t, think about bringing in sex toys, such as handcuffs or a vibrator besides when something new is involved, it’s easier to focus on the freshness.

5. Keep your phones away

Thinking about who’s calling you when you are having the most magical time of your life is bad at the moment. The best thing you can do is put off your phone and the same goes for all those bills or anything else that could possibly distract your brain.

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