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For Men: 5 ways to have amazing orgasm


Usually, orgasms feel pretty good, but you should make them feel better. Trying new ways to orgasm will not only increase the strength of the contractions, the length of the orgasm, but also the power behind the ejaculation.

This is not a difficult task to attain, still, nearly all men don’t know how to have multiple orgasms.

As a guy, this will vigorously improve your sex game. Notwithstanding, the satisfaction of being more in control of your ejaculation, and being able to orgasm multiple times will make most women you meet amazed by a guy who can ”cum’ without “getting off.”

Since lasting longer is a necessary step, below are 5 amazing ways to have a better orgasm.

1. The Kegel exercise

kegel exercises are a way of contracting the muscles of the pelvic floor, which give you greater control and intensity during sex. Try lifting your penis up and down with your muscles, To help with getting better at organising without ejaculating.

2. Expressive ejaculatory control

Some men find that behavioural strategies like the start-stop technique and the squeeze technique also helps. You need to be able to enjoy 20 minutes of stimulation from foreplay and sex without ejaculating.

3. Be sexually expressive

Sexual expression is a term used to describe not only sexual activities we engage in but ways we communicate and present ourselves to the world as a sexual being, so if you have a habit of being self-controlled, unexpressive, and silent during foreplay or sex you’ll need to change course. If you’re not reacting, she does not know what’s working. Don’t just stay stiff in bed and with a stone cold expression.

4. Open, sex-positive dialogue with your partner

You should not tremble at the thought of talking about sex with your partner or simply think your sex talk game could use some work. Open-minded means you will create more room for sex talks.

If you and your partner aren’t already comfortable talking about sex, and what you both want, this won’t work.

You’re going to ask her to do very specific things in bed and if you’re not comfortable having those discussions, you’ll need to fix that problem.

5. Being patient, and taking care of her

Be a gentleman by making sure she gets off well. You are being selfish if all you are focused on is you getting off. So make it a ton of fun for her too so as to bring out the hidden ‘bedmatic’ skills she’s got.

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