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For Men: 5 ways to keep clean down there


It is important for every man to have a clean and healthy penis. The D is a valuable sexual organ and requires proper care.

Take a look at the following ways a man can keep his penis clean and healthy.

1. Clean the D often

Having a clean D gives you some level of confidence whenever you are about to hit the sheets. A clean D is very important. So wash your D with warm water at least twice a day. Clean the scrotum and under the penis shaft gently and scrub your scrotal sack too.

2. Have a clean shave downtown

Its healthy to have a clean shave down there, too much hair around the D ain’t sexy at all, with all the sweat and what not, this can make it have a bad smell. During sex, the hair can cause cuts on the vaginal organs and condom. Hair around the tip of the penis can be creating room for sores and other unwanted rashes. So make sure to keep it clean.

3. Do not wear the same boxers for a whole week

Wearing the same boxers for so long can be harmful to your health. So many guys wear one boxer for a whole week or even a month but for health reasons please change your boxers every day. Dirty boxer may give your D a permanent bad smell and a flavour.

4. Be mindful of what you eat

The kind of food you eat tends to have effect on the taste of your sperm. Start by avoiding too much garlic, onion, alcohol, coffee and spicy foods. Include lots of fruits in your diet. Especially, fruits that are high in natural sugar like oranges, apples, mangoes and please take honey too. They make your semen taste good.

5. Avoid the use of powder

Do not use powder around the D. If you do, especially after shaving, you might have to deal with serious irritations. Powder and deodorants shouldn’t be used for the penis, the D doesn’t need these to smell good. So do not spray perfume around your penis.

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