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Get Your Freak On! 13 Nigerians share the weirdest places they’ve ever had sex



Sex is one of those things that is more fun when it’s done where you’re not supposed to do, then. It’s more exciting when you leave the bedroom aside and then take sex to somewhere else that is probably risky, the experience is new and exciting.

We asked young Nigerians on Instagram and Twitter, the responses range from excitement hinged on risk of being caught, and totally bunkers. Below are some of the responses

Some of the places it happened are really dangerous. in the middle of the road, on speed while driving on third mainland bridge.

1. Club storehouse – J.K

It was after a wonderful night at the club, and then things got very interesting with this lady. Since the manager was a friend, I got the key to the store, and we used the storehouse to do the do.

A lonely hallway can also be a good venue for sex.
(Youtube/Jamaican Grind)

2. Hostel Hallway – N.H.A

Typical student sex thing, when there is no way to get sex, you can get it in the hallways, when this happened, it was late and everywhere was dark.

3. In my girlfriend’s sitting room – K.E

So, I hadn’t seen my girlfriend for a while, and I was at her house with her mum, as soon as her mum left to pray Jumat, she jumped my bone. I was so horny and it was really nice.

4. On the street – M.Z

There are just sometimes that you cannot wait to get home, everything is just in a big hurry. Thankfully on that day, it was dark and luckily for us, there was no light.

The cloud of sadness at a funeral can be an aphrodisiac for some people.

5. At a funeral – B.B

There was a time when I was with my boyfriend at a funeral, and I was so horny, it was beyond control, I dragged my boyfriend to the bathroom, and he gave it to me from the back.

6. On the bare floor of an uncompleted building – M.U

Here we are again at the scenario where there is no home to go to for some private time. I and my ex went into this abandoned uncompleted building, we were so horny for the privacy that we got down on the bare floor after using my hand to clear the floor off.

7. In the middle of the road – O.N

So, my boyfriend and I were walking along an untarred road, he said bye and as he was about to leave, I dragged him in and pulled down his pants, and gave him the ass. A car coming towards us didn’t allow us finish.

Perhaps the most dangerous thing you can do while driving is having sex at the same time.
(Life News)

8. On third mainland bridge – A.J

My boyfriend and I are crazy, so one time while we were driving from the island to the mainland, we hopped on his laps and then rode him as we sped off the third mainland bridge. Fun times!

9. In the swimming pool – A.M

My and my ex then just wanted to cross it off our bucket list, why not.

Two of the people we spoke to said the weirdest place they’ve had sex is inside the pool.

10. Zoo and swimming pool, O.P

My girlfriend and I have wild libido, and one of the weirdest is the one at the zoo, we looked at each other funny and then dick enter pussy. Also at another time, we went to swimming pool, we almost got caught in the swimming pool, so we left and concluded it elsewhere.

11. School car park – C.J

It’s vacation time, and everyone is going back home, so at the school car park, we gave each other one for the road.

12. Under the staircase – M.D.M

Sometimes you just deal with stuff right where it began, we were making out on the staircase without no one around, so to move things forward, we went underneath the staircase and got busy sharply.

Elevator sex is quite hot too.

13. On the elevator

I think I may enjoy exhibitionist sex, because while I was in an elevator with my boyfriend, I unzipped him and had him fuck me while we were alone heading up. Hella sweet.

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