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Losing Your Virginity! 5 Things you should know before popping your cherry



Deciding to lose your virginity isn’t an easy decision especially for women. For guys, it’s what you’ve been hoping to do for a very long time but women have to be more considerate.

They’re the ones who experience pain in this process. If you’re still yet to make up your mind, here are ten things that should help you make the decision.

1. You can stop it anytime

Deciding not go ahead after initially giving consent is okay, it’s painful decision to make. Not every takes injection immediately they arrive the doctor’s office.

It is a big decision to take, so it might take you a few attempts to get it done, so incase you are having some type of inner crisis, you can stop. Tell him to stop until you’ve been able to gather more courage to stop. Someone taking your virginity is because you’ve given consent and that consent can be taken back.

2. It doesn’t make a pop

Pop the cherry is one of the most popular way of saying losing virginity, and some people may believe that it will make a sound sounding like pop but that’s not in anyway how hymen works.

As explained by Michelle Horejs, the associate director of training and youth education at Planned Parenthood Los Angeles, “The hymen consists of thin folds of stretchy tissue that are just inside the vaginal opening,” she continued “It may tear or stretch the first time you have sex — causing some discomfort or a little bleeding — but it’s not something you can break or that disappears once you have sex.”

3. It takes planning

It takes a lot mentally and physically.
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It goes without saying, it just doesn’t happen especially for women, you have to plan it all. People like their first time to be special, love the person involved, the setting and just about everything to be special. There are questions to be asked, if you’re using contraceptives or condoms, whose house is it happening, and many more, you need to answer all of these questions and more.

4. It’s not a big deal that you’re a virgin

When you read about sex online, or have group discussion, people share their opinions and preferences they have about sex, but somehow you cannot contribute to the discussion because you’ve not started having sex, and that is fine. Trust us, you’re not the last virgin on earth.

5. It can hurt

The pain shouldn’t be unbearable.
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Forget all of the stories you have read or heard from people about how painful the experience can be. If proper care is taken, it won’t be that bad. Before going ahead with the task, you need to prepare yourself properly. Dwell long enough on foreplay, kissing and touching, let this time be spent getting into mood, properly aroused so she can get wet down there.

The guy has to be patient when it comes arousal, women can take a while longer than men. It was excellently put by Stardell Smith, health educator at Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center, New York, “Guys are like microwaves and girls are slow cookers

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