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Mismatched Libido: What you should do if your sex drive is higher than his


We know when you want some bedroom action but your partner ain’t up for the flow might make you feel rejected.

The fact that a lot of women find themselves in this scenario doesn’t make it any easier. Having a higher libido can have an effect on your relationship, and leave you sexually frustrated.

However, If you’re ready to go downtown but your partner ain’t ready, here’s what you need to know.

1. It could be a physical issue

This is the first thing many women think ” he lacks interest in me or not into me any longer”. But the male libido is heavily influenced by physical factors, such as testosterone levels. If he has low testosterone, it stands to reason that his sex drive will be low too.

2. Might be a relationship issue

Anger or any other emotional issues can put anyone whether male or female in a bad mood. So if you have an ongoing conflict, he might reject sex to send the message that he’s upset.

3. Opposite libidos create room for troubles

While you feel rejected and undesirable, your boyfriend or husband may feel guilty. He may grow anxious about any kind of physical touch, even hugs or non-sexual cuddles, fearing it’ll lead to pressure to have sex he doesn’t desire. And as this happens, the distance between you two increases and creates room for loose ends. So learn to talk about what’s happening, even though it’s tough to face it. It is important that couples discuss their differences, find ways to accept them, support one another, and try to sort things out.

4. Try some ideas that can fill in the gap

First and foremost, except you are sure it’s a physical problem, advice him to see a specialist. Secondly, once you are able to figure out what is wrong, have a discussion about your relationship and if anything is troubling him and express emotions because there’s nothing to be shy about. Another option is masturbation, however, some people masturbate with their partner present and attentive, but not engaged in the sexual act. You can ask your partner to touch you or share deep, intimate kisses while you masturbate.

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