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Office Seduction: Tales of a promiscuous couple 3 (Part 1)



Just when I am about to give up and kick him out of my office, I feel his tongue on my pussy.

You know how they say electricity goes up one’s spine? I feel it, I tell you. Up and down my spine it goes, making me feverish. He then pulls away, tentative. Is he scared or is he teasing me? I don’t know. It is time for me to swallow my own spit and I’m sure the tension in the room can be felt all the way to Jamaica.

Ladies and gentlemen, I feel his hard hands on my naked thighs.


My eyes are shut. I can feel Austin, the cleaner in my office, a man who is not feet to lace whatever boots I might choose to wear, grab hold of me like I’m a wrap of Cheese balls. Firmly, purposefully, his fingers find my panties and then in two seconds they are off.

I gasp as I feel a different type of breeze hit my already glistening pussy.

For a second or two this man does nothing.

I peek through my shut eyes and I see him just staring at my pussy. He is still there, his head between my legs, the rag flung to one side of the room. He almost looks daft, my bald Austin, almost looks too stunned for words.

I smile to myself.

That’s it, bitch, worship the pussy.


His skin is chocolate toned and mine is almost coal black, so there is a bit of an enticing contrast to things. I admire the way his hands look, rubbing on my thighs up and then down without seeming as though they are being motored to do that.

He doesn’t look up, doesn’t look at me, his eyes are fixed on the prize.

Austin… Austin is a proper hunter.

In one swift move, he lunges at my pussy, face, lips, tongue and all.

I can hear myself laugh.

This nigger eats me like a water melon. I can feel him everywhere there. It is gentle, at the same time quick, so I am not bored at all.

When I think he is done with me, he takes his tongue to my clit and I swear he is doing the alphabets there. I get so wet John the Baptist would be proud.

Have me!”, I scream. “Austin carry me up and fuck me!”

Shut up“, he says.


My head is about to bust with excitement. Shut up? Austin? The man has grown a pair, finally. Somewhere in my evil mind a girl is wishing Ahmed was here to take notes. It’s time for lectures, darling. Sit down and be humble.

I cannot describe to you how spastic with excitement I become. Some things can never be fully told. You see Austin, with his tongue, makes love to my clit. He doesn’t use fingers, doesn’t say much, just his face and tears are already rolling down my eyes.

In all my life I never felt having multiple orgasms from a head was possible but today, I am learning.

I have woken up a sleeping beast and I would be its feast.


I can hear myself say things I have not said in a long time. How I am his to fuck whenever and wherever he wants. How good I hope that he would give it to me. I beg and I cry, I want him in me. Yet, for twenty minutes, Austin just stays there, savouring my pussy, holding my legs tight so I can never run.

I can feel it in my brain. That electric sensation has bolted up my spine and now darts about in my skull.

Why won’t he just fuck me? Why God?

Written by Dear Mac.

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