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Office Seduction: Tales of a promiscuous couple 3 (Part 2)



He holds me by my neck and draws me up to him. Is he about to kiss me with those black, ugly lips of his?

Why won’t he just fuck me? Why God? I don’t have to ask questions for too long.

Too late. He buries his lips on mine, almost swallowing my head. There is fire in his mouth. I can taste it. And I want more. I confess. I want him to burn away the longing in my soul.

He spins me around and he lifts my skirt above my waist, just so that my bum is presented to him. I close my eyes, expectant.


He starts to kiss my butt, running his tongue over it. It is nice, good, but I don’t have time for this rubbish.

Would you please hurry up?!“, I bawl.

He spanks my butt with those hard hands of his and nothing tells me to shut my stupid mouth. I would not need a second directive as I am sure my black bum has grown purple from the brutality of his slap.

-Sisters, his dick is like an Agric yam-

Imagine a swollen baton with brown worms dancing around it. This nigger carries a human being between his legs. Just the tip has landed on my labia and I am already gritting my teeth in anticipation. Kegel exercises have taught me enough to unclench those pussy muscles and give the man some room to nest.

He doesn’t nest.

This guy ploughs. He depredates. He ransacks.


He shoots his dick into my pussy like it is an Olympic spot, a race for gold, quick. He goes so fast, Usain Bolt would be jealous. I can see confetti, sparkly lights, glitter and stars as Austin fucks me. I am sure my cream would run the length of his dick, beautifully wrapping those outstanding veins of his. He grunts like a pig while he fucks me, grabbing my waist and entering me deeper with every thrust.

I fear for my womb.

I am sure that coworkers have started arriving and the noise from my office would generate curiosity. But, I really don’t want this magic here to end.

The buzz in my head, that single sparkle of electricity, grows every time that Austin pulls out and slams back into me.


At the height of everything, my arousal, it explodes, lightening, thunder, hailstorm, and everything wonderful is the height of it, the fall out.

Austin pulls out of me and empties his seed in his hands. I pull my skirts up, pick up my pants, sniff them, and stick them in my bag. Then I look out the window in my office, and the number of cars outside has increased by a lot. I look back to see Austin, staring at me daftly, with that stupid rag in his hands.

Get the fuck out of my office“, I yell.

To be continued…

Written by Dear Mac.

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