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Oral Sex: 3 skills to give her ultimate orgasms using only your tongue


Some men find it hard to give their woman extraordinary sexual experiences. Ego can be one of the huge factors contributing to a man’s ability to please his woman.

However, there are some men who have their women smiling and fully satisfied with oral sex. Oral sex can be done properly and leave your woman fully satisfied if you follow these 3 steps.

1. Do it slowly and make it circular in motion

When you go down on your woman, take your time and float around her belly button so she can begin mentally picturing and feeling what type love making you are offering. Then slowly begin making circles around her clitoris with your tongue, but make sure you do it slowly and your movement should be in rhythmic circles. As soon as her pleasure increases, start to flick around the hood of her clitoris like you are teasing it. So, if she likes it, then start doing it a little more often and if she doesn’t, then quickly stop and continue tracing circles. But after few minutes of using this style, place one or two fingers in her vagina and begin stimulating her G-Spot.

2. Gently move your tongue from side-to-side.

Instead of using circles around her clitoral region, start by licking her clitoris sideways with light strokes of your tongue as this allows her to stay in tempo, mentally, with what you’re doing. If you head down there and use your tongue like you’re shooting arrows, she will not get used to a rhythm and her pleasure will decrease.

3. Move your tongue up and down in one

Start at the top of her clitoris and lick her downward, until you reach the bottom of her labia and move straight back up the line where you started from. You still want to stick to one rhythm, but this time increase the pressure you’re using. Once again the amount of pressure you use is dependent on her sensitivity. Continue moving your tongue up and down this line until she orgasms.

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