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Orgasms: Fascinating things all women should know about it



The truth about orgasm is- it is an incredibly personal experience and it differs from woman to woman.

From the tightening of the muscles to the pupils dilating, orgasm can also be so much fun if done with the right partner. Below are some things women should know about orgasm too.

1. The muscles

The muscles all over your body tighten just before orgasm and then release as climax hits. However, by tightening your muscles, you send messages to your brain that may help you achieve orgasm.

2. The breasts

Your nipples are loaded with sensitive nerve endings, so when touched, you send messages to an area of your brain’s sensory cortex that is activated by genital stimulation.

3. The eyes

Your pupils dilate when you are stimulated and they remain like that until after you’ve climaxed. This will hint your partner you’re interested and it can also help spot danger at a time when your brain is otherwise occupied.

4. When it comes to foreplay, fun is an understatement

A lot of women with familiar partner reach the ultimate orgasm more than half the time they engage in sexual activity. However, orgasm isn’t particularly special but it’s just a concentrated version of what you experience in an excited state.

5. It pays better to have a steady partner

Having sex with someone special rather than a casual fling can make you climax easily. With a long-term partner, it’s easier to relax and be honest about your needs.

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