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Period Sex: 5 positions when you are on your time of the month


Some couples are comfortable with having sex while the woman is on her period and some other couples would not want to have sex when the woman is on her period.

However, it’s actually a great time to try sex out because of the extra lubrication in the vaginal area, although some women get really horny during this period while some get extremely cranky.

Below, are some steamy positions to get in sync for that time of the month.

1. Facing each other sideways

This is a hot sex position because your partner can restrain penetration in a way that doesn’t draw out as much blood in other words, he doesn’t need to penetrate too deep but can choose to do so if you are both not worried by the blood.

Facing each other sideways

2. The spooning

We feel the best position for period sex is the spooning position. This a position where your hips aren’t facing down directly. The spooning position creates room for effortless access to a woman’s clitoris.

The spooning

3. The old-fashioned missionary

By being on top of the woman and penetrating from that position, you are decreasing the flow of blood that comes out of the vagina. The missionary position can work well, and you can prop the pelvis up with a pillow or put your legs up or over your partner’s shoulders.

The old-fashioned missionary

4. Sex in the shower

Women with menstrual pain might not find standing positions comfortable. However, if she’s up for it, sex in the shower can be the best way to have sex during this time.

Sex in the shower

5. Sex without penetration

Sex without penetration

It’s not just about the D and the V. Sex is way more than that. Some couples might decide to plan a mini-moon and the woman’s period shows up, you will be left with no choice than to try other options to orgasm.

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