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Pregnancy Sex: 3 things that make it so much better



Sex can become even more complicated when pregnant. But there are solutions to different problems.

Below are solutions to some of the most common pregnancy sex-related issues

1. You can’t get into fun positions anymore

Many times women find that they can’t get into the same spontaneous or crazy positions they could easily get in and out of when they weren’t pregnant. With a growing belly, it’s easy to lose your balance. But you can use a body pillow so you can get all the support you need for getting into and out of different positions.

2. Can’t stop wondering if your partner’s penis hitting the baby

It’s not going to directly come into contact with the baby since there are amniotic fluid and your uterus between them.

3. Orgasms feel like contractions

If this is happening earlier in the pregnancy, the mother should stay adequately hydrated so that the muscles can relax. Plus, you can be rest assured that your drink will stay cool staying hydrated.

4. You’re uninterested in sex, but your partner is still ready to go

This is difficult because you’re dealing with morning sickness and feeling crampy, and he still wants sex. You can use a sex toy to take some of the responsibility off of you.

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