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After witnessing what his sister Helen and her friend, Nonye were up to in the living room. Lenny wants a taste of her as well.
‘You are such a pig,” Nonye exclaimed as she shook her head at me.

My sisters beautiful friend was annoyed with me for trying to unhook the front of her top in order to check out her lovely, perky breasts.
“Ah ah, come on, dont be such a clown and let me see them,” I said as I took my left hand and squeezed my hardening dick through my shorts for effect.
“Is your sister even home?” She replied, trying not to look down at my lap and instead look past me in the front door of our house.
“Come on, I won’t tell anyone,” I said, moving my head teasingly to make her focus on me.
She wasn’t amused and sensing my sister wasn’t home, she wanted to get out of our house. She backed slowly toward the door and reached behind her for the doorknob.
“Just a little glimpse, honestly I won’t tell,” I assured her.
Reaching past her with my right hand, I held the door closed. Leaning in, I rubbed my chest against hers and smelled her perfume.
Nonye always looked sexy. Today she was wearing a red top that wrapped her lovely round C cups. The top ended at her navel that stood bare and firm. She was wearing jeans that showed off her firm legs. A pair of sandals adorned her pretty feet.
Nonye loved wearing makeup and her eyes were always accented beautifully. She added glitter to make her gorgeous eyes sparkle even more than they did normally. Her lips were glossy and she went for weekly manicures, so her nails were always long and painted.
“Ooohoooh, Lenny, you don’t quit, do you?” Nonye asked rhetorically, half amused and half annoyed.
“How can I? With your lovely body calling out to me,” I joked and lightly touched her bare right shoulder with my left fingertips. They had an effect as she wriggled away from my touch and her body pressed into me. Feeling the heat of my body, she leaned away but the door trapped her.
“You wouldn’t be doing this if Helen or your parents were home,” Nonye exclaimed and the realization hit her. We were all alone and she was going to have deal with me and me alone.
“Ha-ha,” I joked at her logical deduction with a wink. My eyes playfully scanned the top of her round breasts as they showed above her top.
“We are all alone, so no one is going to know, Come on,” I accented the “Come On”.
Nonye breathed hard and cast me an ironic smile. We were so close I could hear her heart beating and it was beginning to race. Her pretty eyes sparkled and she looked away from my glance. Trying to slide to her left, she bumped into my right arm and sighed.
“Come on Nonye nah, what’s it going to hurt to let me see a little?” I asked as I leaned a little closer so that my pelvis held her back to the door.
“Oh my god,” Nonye giggled at my persistence. She tried to play tough and stare back into my eyes but couldn’t. She giggled again and her body wiggled against mine and her chest heaved.
“Are you sure no one is home?” Nonye coughed out in a timid voice that was barely audible, but was music to my ears. My dick stiffened at question.
“Ehn?” I asked, playing dumb.
“I said, are you sure no one is home?” she stated with an exhausted look on her face.
“No, my sister is home, she’s upstairs,” I joked and backed away from her a couple of inches.
Nonye bit her lower lip, suddenly looking very confused.
“What? Your sister’s home?” she exclaimed in disbelief.
“NO, we are alone,” I laughed at her gullibility. I smiled and watched it sink in as Nonye thought it through.
“You are such an idiot,” she added and shook her head and giggled.
“Maybe, but are you going show me those beautiful breasts now,” I asked with a wink and drew closer to her.
“Oh my god, Lenny, you are such a pig,” Nonye laughed and looked around us as if there might be someone lurking around. It was just the two of us and in a momentary loss of her senses she relented and began slowly tugging her top down in order to release her lovely breasts.
“Are you sure no one is home?” She paused and looked me hard in the eyes.
Her eyes met nothing as my eyes and mind were locked in on her perfect chest. Nonye was a walking wet dream. Her young body had matured well ahead of all of their friends. She was as sexy as they came and she was about to show me her lovely breasts.
I nodded in the affirmative that no one was home and reached down and squeezed my aching dick through my shorts.
“You aren’t going to tell anyone about this are you?” Nonye asked.
She smiled at me though I didn’t see it. She had learned long ago that guys were all the same. Ever since her body had begun to change she had got whistles and looks of horniness from guys, young and old alike. She even had a few women ogle her.
Playfully, Nonye rolled the fabric down slowly and watched my eyes. She was such a tease and she took her time revealing her right then her left nipples. She liked the expression I gave as I stared at her coin size areolas and pencil eraser-sized nipples.
The cool air from the air conditioner, made her nipples stiffen and ache. A lot of her friends said they got little or no sensation through their nipples but not her; her nipples were definitely an erogenous zone.
Often she would rub them and even pinch them while she masturbated to the men in her magazines.
“Gosh, your breasts are beautiful,” I told her as I admired them.
“Pull your top all the way down,” I told her, wanting to see them without any obstacles.


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Alex Eze James
Alex Eze James
4 years ago

Please stop sending me this sexcapeds.thanks

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