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Sex: 3 best positions for long and lazy weekend mornings



You’re lucky if you can steal away a few minutes for an erotic quickie after the Monday through Friday mornings rush.

The weekend mornings come without the buzz of the alarm clock or nagging deadlines and you can indulge in the kind of lazy, erotic pleasurable sex you’re never able to enjoy during the workweek.

So starting this weekend by embracing the slower pace and fun vibe Saturday and Sunday mornings offer by trying these 3 sex positions.

1. The big spoon and little spoon

In the side-by-side spoon position, bodies are regulated for easy entry and great grinding. It’s also easy for your partner to wrap his hand around your side to stimulate your nipples and clitoris or kiss your neck. But you’re both comfortably on your sides, so you can maintain the position for a long time without muscle cramps.

The big spoon and little spoon


2. The lazy doggy style

Stretch out on your stomach, so you’re lying flat with your legs straight. Then have him enter you and spread his body on top of yours as he thrusts. He can then stay relatively horizontal as well, resting on top. But for more support, put a pillow under your hips, your partner can reach around and stimulate your breasts, your nipples and can also play with your clitoris.

The lazy doggy style


3. The cross

Have your partner lie on his side, and you’ll lie perpendicular to him, with your knees draped over his waist, as you align your pelvises so he can enter you. Each partner’s body is entirely supported by the mattress.

The cross


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