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Sex: 5 hot places to get down today apart from the bedroom



Sex in the bedroom can have this primitive feel. You should be innovative by trying out other scenes around you.

Check 5 hot places to have that orgasmic sex apart from the bedroom.

1. In the kitchen

Have your woman climb on top the kitchen counter and slide her bum to the edge and then you can enter her as you stand and penetrate. At this point, her pelvis is elevated on the counter which is a perfect position for her g-spot.

2. On the couch

Start by sitting forward and she straddles you from the back which can be a super sexy position for an erotic orgasmic feeling.

3. Sex in the bathtub

What feels better than getting clean while trying to get dirty at the same time? Hot yea…..we know! The warm water, bubbles and washing each other makes a very sensual erotic time.

4. Sex in the car

Having sex in the car parked in the garage is super hot. It feels like you returning to your teenage years but without the fear of getting caught.

5. On the washing machine

Sex on the washing machine can feel really sexy. Coupled with the machine vibrating right under you will add a better prop to the whole sexual activity going on.

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