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Sex: Do this every night to have better love making


Getting more sleep can transform into better sex. So if you’re generally a good sleeper, you’ll be more fortified, have a clearer head, and be more focused. Sleeping better contributes to more playful, active, and mindful bed sessions with your partner.

However, you should get more intimate sessions with your partner by considering these three ways to actually make you hit the sheets better.

1. Sleeping eases the stress

Not sleeping a night before tend to weigh a lot more heavily the next day. So regular sleepless nights and the everyday stress at work can really affect your sex life because stress itself is a libido killer. Sleep helps regulate emotions, helps manage emotional memory and when you’re happier and more relaxed, you’re much more likely to want sex.

2. For hormone regulation

If you are getting the right amount of sleep, it helps maintain your system’s hormonal balance. Sleep helps regulate testosterone, such that sleep deprivation drops testosterone levels across 24 hours. Testosterone is the hormone that powers the male sex drive, and it also plays a role in fueling yours as well.

3. You get energized and focused on sleeping

Good sleep means great sex. And great sex means being focused on your partner and being mindful of how you’re feeling so you can enjoy the pleasure and have an orgasm. Sleep can help you be more attentive, more responsive, and more focused on other people.

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