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Spontaneous Sex: 5 reasons you need to have it right now



We all think sex is great, especially when you’re having the right kind of sex. But you still need spontaneous sex to add more flavour to your sex life.

So in order to keep the sex exciting, follow the tips below.

1. Very exciting

When you don’t expect the sex to happen, it’s far more exciting than if you sit and plan out when you’ll have it. Your emotions will spike by the surprise of it and that increases the overall joy of it.

2. Your partner feels confident

You naturally grab your partner out of the blue and go to town on them. That’s a huge confidence boost for them. They feel like you just couldn’t help but have sex with them.

3. Doing it when you feel like is awesome

Ever felt really horny around your partner but resisting because you are waiting for a better time is a bad call. But having sex when you feel like it can be extremely satisfying. So when you feel the urge and you just go for it.

4. Anticipation is on the rise

Because you and your partner will never know if the other will randomly try to have sex. When you add spontaneous sex into your regular routine, you’ll both always be on edge. You’ll always be wondering when they’ll try to get with you next.

5. It’s really sincere

Spontaneous sex is very sincere and honest. You want them really bad and right at that moment. If you schedule sex, it becomes an obligation. You feel as though you need to be horny and get the job done.

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