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Spying on My Lesbian Niece 3 – Lenny’s Sexcapades


Lenny the pervert continued watching as Helen and her girlfriend fucked each other. Nonye just brought out her monster dildo to drive her insane.

Helen moved toward Nonye out of desire to pleasure her yet again. Helen moved her head down and repeated what she had done so often. The tip of her tongue parted Nonye’s pussy and Helen felt her lover respond and shudder.
Nonye’s hips rocked and she pushed her pelvis against the tip of Helen’s tongue. She kept her legs wide and out of the way as she opened herself to Helen’s hot searching tongue. With her feet planted on either side of Helen, Nonye clenched her hands as she pushed her hips up to meet Helen’s face.
Nonye was hot and her body squirmed as her hips gyrated in an attempt to match Helen’s expert tongue.
Helen parted and separated Nonye’s puffy, glistening labia and then licked Nonye slowly along her pussy down to her ass and back again. Helen circled her tongue teasing Nonye and then licked over her ass. Nonye’s pussy lips were soft beneath Helen’s tongue and then Helen opened up Nonye’s hood using the tip of her tongue and delicately teased the stiffening, hardening clit out as it poked out from beneath its hood.
Helen’s tongue made long sweeps all the way from Nonye’s ass, over the flesh and back to the soft wet soft opening of her pussy to the tingling throbbing clit.
Helen quickened the motion of her tongue and played Nonye’s sex like an instrument. Helen moved her hands around to Nonye’s firm ass cheeks and placed a moist finger against the puckered ass hole. Helen smiled as she gently increased the pressure of her finger on Nonye’s anus and it yielded as it accepted the tip of Helen’s finger and gripped it tightly.
Helen then fingered Nonye’s asshole as her tongue continued its circular motion and lapped at the swollen clit. Nonye’s body twisted under Helen’s three pronged attack.
“Oh god, take me, take me!” Nonye cried, as the penetration of the fingers combined with her clit lapped, licked, sucked and sent her over the edge.
Helen didn’t let up as she pressed her fingers deeper into Nonye’s pussy and asshole. Helen mouth sucked relentlessly on Nonye’s clit as Nonye’s body spasmed and contracted around the probing fingers. Nonye’s gasps turned to screams as her body exploded in a thunderous climax.
Helen continued her assault on Nonye’s body until she felt her lover’s body tense yet again as a second orgasm swept through Nonye’s body.
“Oh my God, oh fuck, you did miss this didn’t you?” Nonye gasped as she stroked Helen hair and added in a sexy voice,
“I certainly missed it.”
Helen slowed her ministrations as she let Nonye recover from the peak of her climax. Helen felt Nonye’s body relax as it moved to a post orgasmic state. The fingers slipped from Nonye’s holes causing her to shudder and gasp as they were replaced with the cool air.
Helen stood up and the two beautiful naked lovers embraced and kissed deeply.
They made quite a picture as they locked in an embrace.
“I have a surprise for you but,” Nonye said with a smile and patted her lover on her shapely ass.
I was still stroking my dick as it had never gone soft. I never expected to be so turned on being a spy but then again the two girls were something else. Nonye stood up and went to her bag. She produced a dildo that made Helen’s eyes grow. She watched as Nonye put on a leather strap around her waist with a triangle of leather that covered her pussy.
Helen gasped when Nonye attached it to the strap and the imposing dildo before her.
It was flesh coloured and very life-like with veins, ridges and even a pair of balls. It was easily 12 inches long and so thick that Helen doubted she could get her fingers around it.
“This is my surprise, like it?” Nonye asked with a smirk.
“It’s huge, my God!”
Nonye smiled and knelt again between Helen’s legs. When she lifted her lover’s legs to her shoulders Helen suddenly seemed to realize what the Nonye was about to do.
“No! Wait, it’s too big,” Helen’s words were cut off as Nonye grasped the big cock and rubbed the head up and down Helen’s soaking pussy.
Once the head was coated in Helen’s juices Nonye positioned it at Helen’s entrance. Nonye held it with both hands to keep it stiff and on target as the heavy latex would bend rather than penetrate otherwise. Helen groaned when she felt the head nestle at her opening.
She had never counted on this and part of her mind wanted to say stop, but her pussy wanted something in it in a way Helen had never felt.
The urgent demands of her body overruled her mind and she clenched her fists tightly in anticipation of it hurting.
“Relax,” Nonye cooed.
I was in awe of what I was about to witness. I had never seen anything like it. The fake dick looked so real that it looked like it belonged to Nonye. I picked up the pace stroking my dick as I was sure that I would cum again watching the two sexy ladies.
Helen nodded her head and took a deep breath as Nonye pressed forward slowly with her hips and Helen felt the head slip into her. It was very wide and Nonye slowed her forward progress. Helen felt the muscles at the entrance to her pussy clench and fight to keep the intruder out.
Nonye however kept up the slow steady pressure and Helen felt her muscles begin to give way as the head of the massive dick entered. It stretched her open in a way she could never have imagined.
For a fleeting moment Helen wondered if she would be injured, but the thought was driven from her mind as the head slipped past the wall of constricting muscle and her inner lips closed upon the thick shaft.

… to be continued shortly

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