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[Story] – Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Complete Season 8)


Adebimpe the facebook girl

[Story] – Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Complete Season 8)

The story below is an exclusive work of a hardworking writer, by Onihaxy. All forms of reproduction in parts or full without prior written permission of the author is vehemently prohibited. No part of this story may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical or otherwise). Any form of plagiarism will be thoroughly prosecuted.

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Written by Onihaxy


“ Chaiiiiii!!!!!!!!!”

“My secrets are finally exposed!!!!!!!!!!’
“How did she found out sef?”
“What do I tell her now?”
“Should I lie to her about the pictures?”
“Even if I decided to lie, what would be the content of the lies?”
“Finally, Adebimpe has implicated me”
“She had succeeded in ruining my happiness”

ME: Betty, please!!!!! It’s not really what you think

BETTY: ***frowned***** yes I know it’snot what I think, that is why I need an explanation

ME: Betty, please!!!!

BETTY: Onihaxy, why are you begging me?,can’t you provide the explanations again?

ME:****silent and looking confused*******

BETTY: Onihaxy!!, if you know that you have nothing to say, I will carry my bag and walk out of this place right now and this is the last time you will ever see me, it’s over.

ME: *****held her legs and I went down on my kneels***** baby, please!!!!!!!!!!, ok, let me explain

BETTY: **** folded her two hands on her chest****** ok Mr.Man, I am listening….

ME: ****silent and looking totally confused****

BETTY: Mr. Man, I thought you said you wanted to explain something just now?

ME: Betty, I don’t know where to start.

BETTY: ok, start explaining from how you both met.

ME: ok, please sit down

BETTY: No, I am not sitting down. I am fine like this on my feet. All I just need is the explanation.

ME: Betty, please sit down, I’m not too comfortable with the way you are standing up. Please for God’s sake, kindly sit down Betty.

BETTY: ok, if that is what will make you to provide the explanations, let me sit down then.

ME: ******stood up and sat down with her on the bed******* thank you so much Betty. Please before I say anything, can I beg you for something?

BETTY: what is that?

ME: please Betty; kindly find a place in your heart to forgive me after this my confessions. I ought to have explained everything to you right from the day we met but I was so scared of losing you.

BETTY: Onihaxy!!!! Forgiveness or no forgiveness let me hear the explanations first.

ME: ****started sobbing**** ok dear. It all started some years back when I just graduated from the university and I was waiting for my call up to NYSC

BETTY: ok, go on. I’m listening

ME: there was this online chatting website then where I registered and I met a lot of people online of which Adebimpe was inclusive.

BETTY: which online chatting website was that?, You mean Facebook?

ME: no, I think it was wap2chat, not Facebook

BETTY: ok, go on

ME: I saw her profile then and I sent her a message which she replied some days later and that was when we started relating with each other.

BETTY: ooooh, just as you met me on badoo too right?, so your ministry was to always hook girls online and sleep with them?

ME: no dear, I was never involved in something of such and would never do such. You can check my profile on badoo, it became dormant after I met you. The case of Adebimpe was just a case of idleness on my part when I was yet to get a job that would keep me busy and occupied.

BETTY: ok, go on. I am listening.

ME: ok dear, it all happened that after hooking up with her online, we exchanged contact and we became friends.

BETTY: ok, I’m listening.

ME: one thing led to the other, we started dating online then and that was when we began to exchange photos.

BETTY: ****raised up her fingers**** wait Onihaxy, exchange photos as how?, the pictures I am seeing here doesn’t look like something that was shared online as a soft copy. These are real hard copy photographs. So, tell me another lies.

ME: I’m not lying to you Betty. Then, I couldn’t afford phones with high resolutions as the phone I was using was a poor nokia phone with a camera of 1.0 mega pixel. So, what we do was to scan pictures and send on the internet through cybercafé. She scanned and sent those pictures to me which I later printed from photo studio and that was how I got them.

BETTY: ok, go on. When and how did you guys later met face to face?, and how many times did you have s*x ?

ME: chaii!!!, see questioning we never met face to face neither did anything s#xually related happened between us.

BETTY: Onihaxy!!!!!, don’t just try to lie to me ok!!, do I look like a kid?

ME: I’m so serious Betty. It all ended in a tragedy as Adebimpe scammed me. Why do you think we really hate each other up till date?

BETTY: ***surprised look on her face***** scammed you as how?, in what way?,

ME: ok, after three months of online dating, I suggested that we should see each other face to face and I decided to invite her over to Akure, we made enquiries about transport fare and I was told that it was 6,000 naira from Akure to portharcout as at that time. So, Adebimpe said I must send her transport fare to her before coming over, both to and fro.

BETTY: ok, go on please.

ME: I begged her then to accept the transport fare that would take her down to Akure first and I promised to pay the return fare when she was about to leave Akure, but Adebimpe refused and insisted that I must send 15,000 naira to her that would cover all her transport and preparation expenses before she could come down to meet me in Akure. I was so broke then because I was jobless. But out of love and the urge to really meet her face to face, I decided to borrow 12,000 naira from my friend Segun while I added the remaining 3,000 to it from my purse. My Dear, you won’t believe what happened after then.

BETTY: ok, what happened?

ME: Immediately after sending the money to her account, I called her to confirm the deposit and that was the last time her number ever went through. She changed her line and her number was never available till date.

BETTY: ***** busted into laughter******* Onihaxy!!!!! Are you serious?, you don’t mean it? ****** continued laughing******

ME: ******chai, I don get am, she don laugh. Thank God say my lies really worked******* yes ooooo my dear, I never set my eyes on Adebimpe again neither did I heard anything from her again until the day I was going through your phone and I saw her pictures on your phone while we were in my room in Ado Ekiti back then.

BETTY: ******still laughing********* very funny Onihaxy. As in, I so much love what she did to you. Seriously, some guys really need to be taught a big lesson that it is not every girl you meet on the internet you should invite over, Kudos to mummy Daniella.

ME: that was why I told you that day that her face was a resemblance to someone I knew.

BETTY: oooooooh. Yes I remember. You said so.

ME: I never believed it was really her despite the fact that you mentioned her name and it was a perfect match to the name that I knew, but I was so surprised when you said she was a nurse. Because she told me then that she was a student of Uniport studying mass communication. I had to wait until the day I saw her in your house at Lekki the first day I visited your home in Lekki, which was when I realized and believed that she was the lady that scammed me. And that was why I hated her so much till date.

BETTY: hmmmmm. Onihaxy, are you really sure of all what you are saying?

ME: yes. I swear to God. Segun is my witness. You can call him and ask him, he will explain everything to you better.

BETTY: can I ask mummy Daniela too to confirm?

ME: *****my heart started beating faster***** no problems dear, You can. Just that I hated her so much and I will hate her till my last breath.

BETTY: haba, stop that jor. Let me confirm from uncle Segun first. ******picked up her phone and dialed Segun’s number*******

ME: ******chai!!!!!!!, and Segun is not prepared ooooooooo. Won’t there be any f#ckup now??”


As the phone was ringing and she placed the call on a loud speaker, several thoughts began to flash through my mind.

“I hope Segun will not f#ck up?”
“And I didn’t inform him oooo”
“I wish I had known that something like this was going to come up”
“I wish I had discussed about this with Segun earlier before now”
“what is Betty going to ask Segun sef?”

The phone was ringing and Segun didn’t pick up after like 5 attempts, Betty scrolled through her phone and I was scared maybe she was going to call Adebimpe but my mind came to rest when I saw dialing a number whose display name was “Grandma”, she spoke with her grandmother for some minutes and later hanged up. She dialed Segun’s number again and Segun wasn’t still picking up. I saw her giving up on calling again and I was so happy inside of me.

BETTY: Onihaxy, I don’t know why uncle Segun is not picking up his phone.

ME: I guess he is sleeping already, you heard him when he said he was tired the other time.

BETTY: sleeping?, at this time of the day?, the time is just few minutes past 9pm.

ME: maybe you should try again tomorrow. But why did you insisted on calling him?, you didn’t believe me right?,

BETTY: I’m not fully convinced yet. I have to verify from the other two people involved in this matter to find out the real truth.

ME: who are the two people?

BETTY: uncle Segun and mummy Daniella.

ME: anyhow sha. No problem.

BETTY: but wait Onihaxy, you still have feelings for her even when you saw her again the first day you visited me at Lekki. Isn’t it?.

ME: feelings kee?, if I had any feelings for her, there wouldn’t have been any hatred between us. If not for you and Henry, I don’t think Adebimpe and I could ever talk together again. read more at my9jarocks.info

BETTY: alright, no problem. I am so tired right now, can we sleep now?

ME: alright dear.

Betty stood up from the bed and removed her cloths, she brought out her night gown from her bag, dropped it on the bed and she tied a towel round her waist. “Are you coming to the bathroom with me or I should go alone?” Betty asked and I had an erection on hearing this. I replied her saying “wait for me and let’s go together”. I pulled off my cloths and it remained only my boxer on me as I stood up and led her into the bathroom. I entered first while she followed me and she locked the door from behind. She turned around, removed her towel and her breast bounced right in front of me, I couldn’t help it but to have a maximum erection as it was so obvious on my boxers. “What is this and why is it hard like this?” Betty asked me jokingly as I pulled off my boxer, I laughed and I said “it missed you a lot and that was why it was swollen”. I opened the tap and we were having our baths and having fun under the running water, I washed myself and later helped in washing her back and her b0*bs until we looked each other in the face and before we know it, we started kissing under the running water. The intensity of the water was really disturbing us and I had to lower it a bit as we continued with the hot and romantic kiss. I pulled my hand and grabbed her breasts and I started pressing and smooching while she began to moan softly and she was pressing her body against mine. I retained my right hand on her breast and I dropped my left hand to the underneath of her abdomen. I tickled my way down to her clitoris and I was stimulating it, she increased the tempo of her moans and her breathing became hotter as I could felt it on my nose. I spent much time on the clitoris until I realized that she had really melted and I moved downwards to her honeypot and started digging it with my index finger. She was jerking and grasping as I increased the intensity of the fingering until I felt wetness on my hand, I removed my mouth from hers and moved my head downward to kiss her on the neck and tickle her down with my tongue until I raised up her nipples and I began to suck it hard like a new born baby. All this while, my manhood was super erect and it started appearing as if it’s going to break off. I later stopped finger f#cking her and I turned her around, making her back to face me. I pushed her back forward and made rest her hands against the wall, I held my erected manhood and located the hole of her treasure island and I pumped in gradually until I was able to penetrate fully. I held her hips with my hands and I was pounding in and out of her with no mercy as she was moaning loudly and screaming my name. We had a good s#x for like 5 minutes until I was about to cum, I wanted to pull out and suddenly, I remembered that my chances of letting her father released her to me for marriage was pregnancy. Instead of pulling out, I left my manhood inside of her and pour out all my liquid into her tank. I pulled out of her after ejaculation and she stood up properly, turned around and we kissed again. I increased the tap and we had a fresh bath to clean up before we later returned to the bed.
We got to the bed and change into cloths while we had some gist and discussions and I realized that I needed to send a message across to Segun and I could only do that when Betty is asleep. She continued to talk even when I expected her to sleep and I had to fake a sleep in the midst of the discussion just for her to sleep also. I guess that when she noticed that I wasn’t answering her again, she turned to the other side, pulled up the wrapper to cover herself and she slept. I couldn’t sleep as I was watching her to fully go into deep sleep with one eye closed because I knew that Betty could be very smart. At 2am, I lifted up my head quietly and I picked up my phone from the side of my bed. I opened the display settings and I adjusted the brightness to make the screen light appear very dim. I composed chat messages to Segun to update him on latest developments and to inform him on everything I told Betty. I watched the message to show the “delivered” icon and I cleared the message immediately after delivery.


I woke up very late in the morning around few minutes to 7am due to the fact that I slept very late in the night. I opened my eyes and I saw Betty seated on the bed with her back resting against the wall. I yawned, stretched myself and moved closer to Betty and I kissed her on her forehead.

ME: Good morning Betty

BETTY: Good morning Onihaxy. How was your night?

ME: fine dear. You woke up so early, hope you are fine?

BETTY: yes I’m fine. You slept off while we were discussing last night.

ME: I’m so sorry about that. Don’t mind me, I was so tired

BETTY: eeyah, pele. Uncle Segun called me this morning and he told me that he saw my missed calls. He said his phone was on silent and that was why he couldn’t hear it when the phone was ringing.

ME: really?, don’t mind him, his phone is always on silent or vibration and I don’t know why.

BETTY: anyways, I told him that I wanted to see him for some enquiries and he told me that he would here before 10am.

ME: ok dear

BETTY: as a result of this, I have seized your phone and it’s here with me, I will be monitoring all your calls and conversations until his arrival.

ME: *****laughed ***** haba Betty, I don’t understand, why will you do that?

BETTY: because I don’t trust you. You may try to update him on what he is going to say when he arrives here.

ME: smiled funny you. So what do you want to eat this morning?

BETTY: anything, what do you feel like eating?

ME: maybe semovita.

BETTY: do you have it at home?

ME: I bought it yesterday when I went out. I guess you didn’t notice probably because of your mood.

BETTY: alright, let’s go to the kitchen then.

ME: no problem.

We stood up from the bed and walked into the kitchen, I assisted her in washing the pot and lighting the stove while she did all the cooking and preparation of the food. At few minutes past 9am, the food was ready and we both went into the bathroom to brush our teeth before Betty returned to the kitchen to serve the meal while I went to the bed and sat down like a husband waiting for his wife’s dishes. She arrived with a plate of semovita and another plate containing the soup, from the content of the meal, I noticed that it was lesser compared to what I saw in the pot when she was preparing the food. “Is this all the semovita you prepared?” I asked her with a surprise look on my face and she replied me saying “no, it’s still remaining some which I left for uncle Segun. Or you expect him not to eat out of my meal when he comes?”. We smiled over it and continued with the meal. After the meal, we lied down on the bed to watch some music videos from my phone and I heard a knock on the door “kokoko”.

“Who is there?” I shouted

“It’s me Segun” the voice answered from outside.

“That is uncle Segun ooooo” Betty shouted as she jumped up from the bed and went to open the door. Segun hugged Betty and they exchange warm greetings before he sat down with us on the bed.

SEGE: my wife, I’m so sorry for last night, my phone was on silent and that was why I couldn’t hear it when it was ringing.

BETTY: yes I understand, it’s normal to keep phone on silent mood when you are with another woman so that calls from the other mistresses won’t ruin or distract the mood.

SEGE: *****laughed out loudly****** you are so funny Betty. It’s not what you think oooo. I love my Sandra so much and I will never cheat on her. It’s just that I don’t like ringtones on phones. You can ask your husband, I prefer my phones to be on vibration mode.

BETTY: hmmmmmm. It’s alright, you are welcome.

SEGE: thanks so much my wife. You said you wanted to see me. Don’t worry, just tell me all his offences and I will scold him right here in your presence. You know I told you to report anything to me?. I’m sure that he had committed an offence and that was why you wanted to see me.

BETTY: how did you know that he committed an offence?

SEGE: instincts. And for you to tell me that you wanted to see me, it sounded unusual.

BETTY: ok, first of all, let me get your food. Onihaxy!!!!!, follow me to the kitchen.

SEGE: hmmmmmmm. This una love na real thing oooo. Husband and wife going to the kitchen together to serve a guest

ME: hmmmmmm, don’t mind us jaree. I’m under a house arrest.

SEGE: house arrest?

BETTY: yes. Because I don’t want him to say anything while I am away.

Betty and I left the room for the kitchen while we left Segun behind. As I turned back to look at Segun, he winked at me and I was rest assured that he got my message. I stood there right behind Betty while she was serving the food and my phone was kept inside the pocket of her bum short. We returned into the room and she served Segun with a plate of semo.

SEGE: hmmmmm, Onihaxy. If not that you are my very good friend, I’m supposed to snatch this girl from you. See correct and delicious meal. Chaiii.

ME: you are not serious. You better beware of thunderbolt because I don’t joke with my wife.

SEGE: forget that thing jareee. I get “thunderbolt-proof” if na that one you wan talk.

ME: you no well Segun.

SEGE: my wife. I’m with you jaree. You said you wanted to see me.

BETTY: yes, I just wanted to ask some questions to verify some things.

SEGE: ok dear, please go ahead.

BETTY: do you know anyone who bears the name “Adebimpe”?

SEGE: *****looking confused***** Adebimpe?,Adebimpe??, Adebimpe???, who is Adebimpe?

ME: ****cuts in ****** that girl that………………..

BETTY: ****placed her index finger on her lips***** ssssshhhhhhh. I didn’t ask you anything; neither did I tell you to say anything.

ME: ok ma.

BETTY: as I was saying uncle Segun. He said he dated a girl called Adebimpe sometimes back and you borrowed him some money which he sent to the girl as transport fare before the girl eventually travelled down to Akure and you all hanged out together. Please, can you shed more light on this because I know the girl very well and I already spoke with her and of which she had confirmed it that she came to meet Onihaxy here in Akure

ME: ******chai!!!!!!!, see smartness ooooooooo. What if I didn’t update Segun about this issue previously?*********

SEGE: oooooooh I remember.

BETTY: good.

SEGE: that witch of a girl. She scammed us and I know she must have grown up to be a professional armed robber by now. Onihaxy used the last 3,000 on him and I had to borrow him the last 12,000 on me to him that day just because of this girl. She switched her phone since then and I’m so sure that she did the same thing with various guys. Only God know how much she earns monthly with this scam business. Anyways, I have promised that I will strangle and kill her myself any day I set my eyes on her because I really suffered for that money as a jobless guy.

BETTY: kill and strangle her to death?, what???????????


ME: ssssshhhhhhhh stop that Segun, don’t say that again.

SEGE: leave me jor Onihaxy. It seems you don’t know how much this thing really pained me. Have you forgotten that it was the last money on me that I borrowed you that day?, have you forgotten the number of weeks I starved myself and went hungry just because of this money?, I will never forget about it. I must deal with her mercilessly any day I set my eyes on that witch.

BETTY: ******silent and was looking so quiet******

ME: it’s ok Segun. I know it really pained you. In fact, it pained you more than the rate at which it pained me because you had the largest amount of money in the scam she did and I knew and remembered that we had vowed to deal with her any day that we set our eyes on her. But at this junction, we just have to let go of her. Remember that I told you that she is now my mother in-law.

SEGE: **** sarcastic look****** mother in-law?, I thought you were joking that day when you told me about it, I never took you serious. ***turned to Betty**** my wife, is that true?

BETTY: ****took a deep breath**** you can see the way I was looking at both of you since morning, the person that both of you are planning to strangle and kill is my bl0*d brother’s wife.

SEGE: wait Betty!!!, you mean your real brother’s wife?

BETTY: yes, the wife of the only brother I have.

SEGE: ****hit his hand on his leg so badly**** shit!!!!!!!!, see how my plans for this girl just ruined sha. Ooooooooh God!!!!!!

BETTY: calm down uncle Segun, is it just because of this same 15k issue that both of you are so angry and pained like this?, or there was more to it?

SEGE: yes oooooo. There was more ooooo. She really scammed us big time and a cunny lady like her needed to be taught a serious lesson so that she will serve as an example to other scammers like her. Just imagine her doing a scam of 15k on 10 different guys every month, which is a total income of one hundred and fifty thousand naira monthly, making a total of 1.8 million naira in a year. So you now see that there was really more to it.

BETTY: laughed out loudly uncle Segun, you are really funny. See the way you helped her to do the calculations as if you knew all her clients back then. Do you know maybe it was only Onihaxy that she did it to?

SEGE: I doubt it Betty. For someone to perform such a clean scam and outsmart two big boys like us, then it’s obvious that it wasn’t her first operation. She has really been doing it for long.

BETTY: anyways, it’s even good that I found out about these evil plans of yours earlier before I ended up mourning my brother’s wife.

SEGE: wait Betty, how did you find out about the relationship between the two of them in the first place?

ME: she found her pictures in my photo album.

SEGE: Adebimpe’s pictures?, Let me see them.

BETTY: ***handed over the pictures to Segun*****

SEGE: oooook!!!, this was the pictures she scanned and sent to Onihaxy that day, I could remember clearly that we both went to the photo laboratory to print them out that day after downloading it inside a flash drive in a cyber café.

ME: yes. You really remembered all these things oooooo.

SEGE: why won’t I remember?, why do you think I have plans for her?

BETTY: so both of you are planning to kill my brother’s wife abi?, if anything should happen to her, I will get both of you arrested.

SEGE: don’t worry Betty; nothing will happen to her again since we are marrying you from her house. We have forgiven her since she had become our in-law. But wait oooo, I heard that she is a nurse, is that true?

BETTY: yes. A trained nurse working with a very standard hospital on the island and she will be having her own clinic soon.

SEGE: but wait oo Onihaxy, I thought you said she was a mass communication student that year, how come she is now a nurse?, or is mass communication now related to nursing?

ME: I was so surprised too when I heard about it my friend. It was later that I found out that she never went to the university. She was in school of nursing all through the time she lied to be a UNIPORT student.

SEGE: nawa ooooo. I’m not surprised sha. A scammer will always have element of lies, sorry to say that in your presence Betty.

BETTY: it’s alright. Thank God I heard this. I will look for a way to discuss this issue with aunty Bimpe and also bring it up when I see my brother.

ME: *** I got scared and Segun could read it from my face****, Betty, I don’t think that will be necessary, let’s let it to die down among us here. I don’t think you should compound it to your family. Put their matrimony into consideration, their marriage might be at risk as a result of this.

BETTY: there won’t be any complication and I trust my brother, he is going to handle everything with maturity. Even if I want to let go, your plans to kill her won’t let me keep silent over this matter. He must be aware so as to know the people to hold responsible if anything happen to his wife.

SEGE: anyways, no problems. Just make sure you don’t break their home. From my own end and from the bottom of my heart, I have forgiven her completely. What about you Onihaxy?,

ME: same oooo. I have forgiven her too.

SEGE: my wife. I’m begging you on Onihaxy’s behalf; please find a place in your heart to forgive him. He ought to have told you about this but he was so scared of losing you which he told me about when he met you. I just thank God that they didn’t end up seeing each other; it would have ruined everything completely.

BETTY: its ok uncle Segun, no problems at all.

SEGE: anyways, let me start going now my dear. I have a client I want to catch up with for a business meeting and I’m already late.

BETTY: are you sure it’s a client or another woman.

SEGE: trust me dear, I can never cheat on your friend. Sandra is my wife, my one and only heartbeat.

BETTY: hmmmmmm, it’s alright. See you some other time.

Segun stood up from the bed and I stood up too while Betty later stood up. Segun hugged Betty and we both saw him off to the front of the house. Betty turned back and returned into the room while I walked Segun some meters away far from the house. I was about to talk about what happened when Segun placed his finger on his lips as a sign telling me to keep shut. He brought out my phone from my pocket and scrolled through it.

ME: what are you doing Segun?

SEGE: I just wanted to be sure that your phone wasn’t placed on recording because I could see her scrolling through the media application while she was about to drop the phone in your pocket.

ME: hmmmmmm, Segun the badt guy, you are a very good actor, see the way you were acting and demonstrating as if there was a script.

SEGE: you are a smooth criminal too. Just don’t be happy yet oo, I trust that your Betty, she is smarter than you think.

ME: hmmmmm, I was so scared when she was calling you yesterday night because I was wondering what your response would have been since I never informed you earlier. Why didn’t you pick your calls sef?

SEGE: I was having a visitor and I needed to drop my phone so that it won’t distract me. It was very early in the morning that I read your whatsapp messages.

ME: you had a visitor abi?, I am so sure that it’s a girl.

SEGE: that is not the main issue here. You need to find a means of communicating secretly with your witch called Adebimpe in order to update her about the latest happenings before Betty placed her own call to her and catch her unaware.

ME: yes!!!!!!!! You are right, that is true.

SEGE: I have always said it. It’s this your Adebimpe that will ruin your life and your relationship in the end if care if care is not taken.


I turned back after Segun stopped a bike and mounted on it. I scrolled through my phone and searched for Adebimpe’s number; I dialed it and placed the phone on my ear with my heart beating very fast as if I just finished a marathon race. The phone was picked and the moment I said “hello”, it was Henry’s voice I heard.

ME: hello Mr. Henry. Happy Christmas in arrears and happy new year in advance sir

HENRY: same to you Mr Onihaxy. How is your family over there?, and how is my sister doing?

ME: everybody is doing fine sir. How about Daniella and her mother?

HENRY: both of them are fine too. Daniella’s mother is in the kitchen at the moment and she left her phone here in the bedroom.

ME: Eeyah, and I really wanted to greet her and make a medical enquiry from her and its very urgent.

HENRY: Ok, will you hold on while I take the phone to her down stairs?, or will you call back in a minute time?

ME: ok, let me hold on sir.

I could hear Henry’s footsteps as he was walking while he was screaming Adebimpe’s name and telling her that she had a call, I also heard Daniella’s voice at the background when Henry finally got to Adebimpe’s location.

“Who is on the line?” Adebimpe asked Henry.

“It’s Onihaxy, he said he wanted to make a medical enquiry” Henry answered her

BIMPE: Mr Onihaxy!!!!, how are you sir?

ME: I’m fine ma. Happy New Year in advance,

BIMPE: same to you ooooo, so you remembered to call me today because you have an enquiry to make abi?, I know you wouldn’t just call on a good day.

ME: haba!!!!!,it’s not like that ooooo.

BIMPE: because your wife is now around with you now, you now forget us, if care is not taken; I can withdraw her away from you.

ME: no vex ma.

BIMPE: where is Betty, let me speak with her,

ME: Betty is at home while I’m somewhere outside.

BIMPE: ok ooo, my regards to her. So what is the enquiry you want to make and what is the matter all about?

ME: ok, is Mr Henry still there with you?

BIMPE: No, he went back upstairs after giving me the phone.

ME: who is there with you?

BIMPE: only Daniella. Why are you asking?

ME: Adebimpe, we have to talk privately right now. There is a problem as I am talking to you.

BIMPE: ok, ****talks to Daniella : sweetheart, go and meet daddy upstairs***** alright, I am with you.

ME: do you remember the pictures I collected from you the day you came to visit me in Akure?

BIMPE: yes I remember, what happened to it?

ME: Betty found the pictures in my room and she was so mad and furious.

BIMPE: what??????, how come?,

ME: ok, you know I kept the pictures inside my photo album when you gave me, and I got a job in Ado Ekiti some months later which made me relocated from Akure. And from Ado, I got my present job in Lagos which made me relocate from Ado Ekiti and all through the transition; I didn’t go along with the photo album. my9jarocks.info

BIMPE: shit!!!!!!, you are just so careless for my liking Onihaxy. All the leaks had always been coming from you. What is the problem with you?.

ME: this is not the time to play a blame game Adebimpe, it has already happen and lets work out a solution.

BIMPE: ok, what did you tell her?

ME: she saw watermarks indicating that it was a campus picture, she also said she never saw the pictures on any of your social media account before, and she said from the look on the picture, you appeared to be much younger which indicated that we had a thing together in the past.

BIMPE: ok, what happened again?,

ME: I tried lying to her but she caught me red handed because she already asked some questions about where I grow up and where I schooled. And from the information I gave her, none matched with yours which she already knew. It was then she believed that the petrol station fight I told her about some times back was fake.

BIMPE: “chaiiiiii, Onihaxy ti ko bami oooo” you have complicated everything now. So what did you now tell her?

ME: I told her the truth in a fabricated way. I told her that we met on the internet and we were dating each other and that was how I got your pictures which you scanned and sent to me via email. I also told her that we later agreed to see each other and I sent 15k to you as transport fare of which you disappeared into thin air after receiving the money and your number was never reachable again.

BIMPE: better, is that all?,

ME: No, I told her that I never saw you again until the day I saw you at your home in Lekki during my first visit to Lekki and that was why I hated you so much. I told her that Segun was my witness and she called Segun on phone to invite him over for questioning.

BIMPE: did she know Segun?, and how?

ME: they knew each other. I introduced Segun to her during the period when Segun visited me in Lagos.

BIMPE: and what did Segun said about it.

ME: I already sent a message to Segun and explain the situation to him before his arrival. Segun talked about the same thing I told her. He even said he had vowed to strangle you any day he sees you because he was the one who borrowed me 12,000naira out of the 15,000 I sent to you for transport.

BIMPE: that stupid boy?, I will kill him myself the day our paths crossed again and I mean it, it’s a vow that I already made in my heart because he was the architect of every complications going on presently.

ME: hmmmmmmm. Then it means you are both planning attack for each other. Then, it’s a matter of who attacks who first. Let me watch the last man standing.

BIMPE: that is your problem. So what is Betty’s intention now?

ME: she said she was going to call you to enquire from you and then discuss about it with Henry later.

BIMPE: she is going to discuss with Henry?, that is going to be a disaster.

ME: that is why I informed you earlier so that you will know what to do and how to act.

BIMPE: alright dear, no problem, I will give you updates later. Just be careful in case of next time.

ME: ok, take care. ******hanged up****

I ended the call and I was walking back home with a joy in my heart and a feelings of burden been lightened in my heart. I opened the door of my room and I saw Betty sitting on the bed with an awkward smile on her face. She stared at me as if I stole an item and I was more confused as I sat down beside her.

BETTY: you just called Aunty Bimpe on phone, Isn’t it.

ME: ****shocked, confused and surprised**** what do you mean?

BETTY: I just spoke with my brother on phone not quiet long and he told me that her wife was on phone with you, we spoke for over 10 minutes and I was made to know that you were on phone with her even before I called. So, what exactly did both of us discuss about?

ME: ******chaiiiii,another trouble………..***********

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