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[Story] Adebimpe Facebook Girl (Season 9 – Final Saga)


Adebimpe the facebook girl


Adebimpe Facebook Girl Season 9 – final saga Episode 1
Adebimpe Facebook Girl Season 9 – final saga Episode 2
Adebimpe Facebook Girl Season 9 – final saga Episode 3

The story below is an exclusive work of a hardworking writer, by Onihaxy. All forms of reproduction in parts or full without prior written permission of the author is vehemently prohibited. No part of this story may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical or otherwise). Any form of plagiarism will be thoroughly prosecuted. whenever you copy any of our stories to ur friends on whatapp, aways tag it with our website name.

Written By Onihaxy

EPISODE 1 Story so far…………….. Some years back, I met a
lady on Facebook after
graduating from school
and her name was
Adebimpe. We started as
friends and one thing led to the other; we started
dating on the internet.
Days after days, months
after months, and our
feelings became stronger
and the urge to see each other started setting in,
we had no choice than to
fix a date for us to meet
each other. The great day
came and my dearest
Adebimpe came to meet me in Akure all the way
from Port Harcourt after
receiving a credit alert of
ten thousand naira from
me. Unknown to me, my9jarocks.info
Adebimpe had another guy in Akure whom she loved
so much and the guy
happened to be her real
boyfriend while I was just
a tool for her to get
transport fare to visit her boyfriend.
Out of my serious and
genuine love I had for her,
I became a fool of love
that I never knew that I
was been played. Things got complicated when it
was time for her to go
back to port-Harcourt
and she needed transport
fare, that was when I
discovered that I was been played and duped by
a girl whom I truly love so
much with all my life. I was
caught in between love
and deceit and I was
confused on what to do until a very good friend of
mine named SEGUN came
to my rescue. he gave me
several tutorials on how
to deal with her and
teach her a great lesson she would never forget in
her life, I tried this
method with his help and
part of the money I gave
her initially was recovered
from her while I also had lots of s#xual sessions
with her until when my
friend, Segun, let the cat
out of the bag and ended
up chasing her away from
my house and that was how she disappeared from
my life in the first time.
I later met another girl
called Kemi, this girl can
beg for anything including
money and airtime to the extent that roadside
beggars needed to learn
work from her. She
frustrated me with airtime
and money demands until
Segun and I tricked her and taught her a very
good lesson of her life.
Some months later, I got a
call from a friend in Niger
state to come for a job
whose salary was one hundred and twenty
thousand naira (N120,
000) monthly. Out of
excessive happiness, I
didn’t bother to enquire
about the job before embarking on the journey
to Niger state, it was
when I got there that I
got disappointed to my9jarocks.info
discover that it was a
scam and GNLD job. Out of annoyance, I left Niger
state and stopped by in
Abuja to spend the night
with a friend until I found
out that his family had
relocated from Abuja. While wandering on Abuja
road, I was hit by a car
and I ended up in a
hospital where I met
Adebimpe (my Facebook
love) as the nurse who was assigned to stay with
me. Something led to
another thing and we re-
ignite our old s#xual
affairs which later
produced a girl who was named Daniella.
I returned back to Akure
and my uncle got a job for
me in Ado-Ekiti, it was at
the point of sorting my
credentials that I discovered that Adebimpe
had seized my credentials
while I was on admission at
the hospital, she later told
me that it was an
equalizer to what my friend and I did to her
back in Akure. I struggled
to get an alternative to
my missing certificates and
with the help of my friend
Segun, I was able to manipulate another
credentials and I got the
job at a pure water
factory where I met
another lady called Lolade,
one thing led to the other, we started an
affair and had lots of
s#xual sessions until she
got admission and she left
the company.
While exploring badoo website in my office one
afternoon, I saw this
angelic looking lady, very
pretty and astonishing,
her name was Betty. It all
started with a “HI” message and she replied,
from badoo, we moved
over to WhatsApp and
BBM and the bond became
stronger. We started as
friends, hanged out at the eatery and that was the
first time I “smelled”
riches in her as she left
the eatery in a 2005
Honda accord car (EOD)
when I stopped a bike for her. As at that year, the
car was one of the
biggest machine that you
would marveled at when
you see it on the road. I
decided to step up my game and I asked her out,
after months of pressures
from me, she decided to
give me a trial and we my9jarocks.info
started dating officially.
One day when she visited me in my house at Ado-
Ekiti, I was scrolling
through her media gallery
and that was when I met
my greatest nightmare
again, I saw Adebimpe on her phone. I enquired
about the picture from
her and the details she
gave me matched with
what I knew about
Adebimpe. To crown it all, she said Adebimpe was her
brother’s wife and that
they had a year old
In the course of visiting
Betty at her brother’s residence in Lekki where
she lived, I got to meet
Adebimpe again and we
resumed our rivalry game
and exchanged lots of
threats. one day, Daniella fell off from the stairs and
lost some bl0d, the
innocent girl needed a
donor so badly and her
father was on her way to
Lagos from Abuja, Adebimpe tricked me to
come down to the hospital
to donate bl0
d and that
was when I got know that
what transpired between
us on the hospital bed was what produced
Daniella which means
Daniella is my Daughter. As
a result of the discovery,
Bimpe reconciled with me
and began to act nicely to me, she began to show
lots of care and I didn’t
use my brain to smell
trouble until I was tricked
to take an oath never to
reveal Daniella’s discovery to anyone or
else I will die.
I later got a banking job in
Lagos courtesy of Betty
and I had to relocate to
Lagos. Months later, Adebimpe got an
accommodation for me in
Maryland and out of my
carelessness, we had s#x
again and she became
pregnant again which added more to my already
acquired problems. Betty
had to travel out of the
country to further her
education and because of
that, she gave me her car which I was cruising with it
across the streets of
Lagos. I met Funmilayo at
the bank where I resumed
with who happened to be
my line manager, she found interest in me and
we became so close that I
soon became her
favourite in the bank. I
also met another lady
called Benita whom we later lived together as a
result of the
accommodation issue she
had with her sister.
Adebimpe found out few
days to Betty’s arrival and things needed to fall
apart between Benita and
I. my9jarocks.info
I was confused about
Adebimpe and things
became complicated. she had been my major
problem and at the same
time, she has really been
an helper, she gave me
money, accommodation,
comfort and she was responsible for the
closeness between betty
and I. but how do I cope
when she claimed to love
me while living with her
husband who is my fiancé’s bl0*d brother ?.
Along the line, my two
Exes “kemi and Lolade”
surfaced again and we
had to re-ignite old flame
of s#xual escapades. I later met Adeola, a
Daughter to Funmilayo
who was my boss at work.
She wanted us to play a
game of love to punish
her mother for catching her on bed with a guy she
introduced to her mother
as a friend. Meanwhile, she
was dumb to realize that I
was also sleeping with her
mother. Henry and his family
deliberated on the issue
between Betty and I and
we resolved that I would
travel out of Nigeria to
live together with Betty overseas. My joy knew no
bounds since it would be
my first time ever to
travel out of the country.
My joy doubled when I got
the news that Bimpe lost her pregnancy which she
claimed that I owned, I
was so happy that one of
my obstacles had been
removed and I have
started dreaming and imagining myself outside
Nigeria until one evening
when she called me to
break the news to me
that Henry had found out
that he wasn’t the real father of Daniella.
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Episode 2
I received a call from Adebimpe………………………………………………………..

ME: hello Ma,

BIMPE: Onihaxy!!!!!!!!!!!!!, where are you?

ME: I am at home, why screaming my name?

BIMPE: do you have your international passport with you now?,

ME: yes, why are you asking?

BIMPE: ok, I will contact someone right now to start processing our Visa; we need to leave this country right away.

ME: confused leave this country? ,Bimpe, I don’t understand you, what is happening?

BIMPE: ok, I told you that the whole family will be travelling for a vacation this Easter? my9jarocks.info

ME: yes, what about it?

BIMPE: During medical screening, Henry and Daniella went together and I couldn’t go with them because I had a medical emergency to attend to at the hospital where I work

ME: ok, what now happened?

BIMPE: Henry had found out that he isn’t the real father of Daniella from the blood results. You, Daniella and I need to leave this country immediately before things get messier.

ME: screamed yeeeeeeh!!!!!!, I have been ruined!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BIMPE: stop screaming Onihaxy and let’s talk about the solution and the way out.
ME: Bimpe, I am clueless at the moment. Everything has been ruined. My life, my hope of travelling, my love, everything

BIMPE: I have suggested a solution. So what do you think about it?

ME: do you think running out of the country is the best solution to the situation on ground?

BIMPE: if it’s not a solution, then please provide one. That is the exact reason why I am calling you.

ME: where exactly are you?

BIMPE: somewhere around my work place.
ME: where is henry and Daniella?

BIMPE: they should be at home. I guess

ME: then how exactly did you know about the discovery?

BIMPE: he sent me a text message like three minutes before I call you.

ME: have you replied or respond to the text?.

BIMPE: no I haven’t. I don’t know what to say and how to defend myself. We just have to do something because I don’t want any harm to come near my daughter ooo, she is the only seed I have in this life.

ME: ooooooh God!!!!!! *****scratching my brain*****. Adebimpe, I just thought of something.

BIMPE: what is that?, is it a solution or a suggestion?

ME: both.

BIMPE: ok, bring it on.

ME: did you remember the period we were fighting with each other and throwing threats at each other?

BIMPE: yes, what happened?

ME: remember you told me then that Henry was aware that you were raped at the hospital and that you were ready to frame me into the Molest scene that I was the one who raped you?

BIMPE: Haaa!!, yes I remembered. What happened?

ME: good. Just tell him that it was the Molest that led to the baby.

BIMPE: well, I was just lying then. I never told him anything. I was just threatening you then.
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