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[Story] My Lovely Houseboy (Episodes 28 – End)


my lovely houseboy


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My Lovely Houseboy Episode 28

I was so sad that day, I refused to eat anything, literally the governors son had succeeded in ridiculing me and my love for
tunde, I planned to leave the house but my dad had already instructed the gateMan not to let me out, I was so uncomfortable and I felt feverish, and I completely lost appetite.
I didn’t eat anything throughout that day and I did not speak with anyone. I was completely mad.
and to make things worse the Governor.son knocked on my door
Me: who’s there?
Gov.Son: it’s me honey, I brought you something.
Me: the door is open.
He walked in as if nothing had
happened, I was so emotionally ill, I felt like smacking him in the face, how could he be so heartless, he’s here standing while another human being is suffering out there in a police Cell he’s supposed to be the one in detention

Gov.Son: good evening honey.
i ignored him and I didn’t reply***
Gov.Son: I know you’re still worried about what happened, but don’t worry, everything
will be fine.
this statement made me more my9jarocks.info

Me: Get out of my room now! Please leave
Gov.Son: seriously?
Me: yes, I mean now! You won’t like it if I push you out…
Gov.Son: push me out? Seriously Shade you need to calm down okay? If you remain this way it will quench all the spark in you, you are too beautiful to keep yourself this way, you deserve better and I can give you all you
need okay? But being with tunde won’t work out, even your dad won’t allowed that, he will curse you if you ever betray him with
that hopeless boy.
Me: you know what? I hate you, I don’t need you, if there’s one thing you don’t know about me is, money can’t buy my love and I
think you need to know what love is all about. Because I bet you no woman will ever love you but your money.
****saying this made him angrier, well that’s what I wanted, to make him angry and mad as he had hurt my feelings too bad****
Gov.Son: Love Doesn’t Exist! Growup girl! Well I’ve got my plans
Me: you’re the one that needs to growup! Please leave my room! And hell yeah what you’re planning, it won’t work. That i ssure you of.
***he walked out of my room with anger, and he felt rejected exactly how I wanted him to feel, but one thing that really made
me feel worried was the statement he made about how he got plans well I just hoped he never meant harm
To Be Continued-
My Lovely Houseboy

Episode 29
After he left my room i fell on my bed crying, my head felt heavy and my heart was beating abnormally, I unlocked the pattern of my android device and opened my SMS folders just so I can read those old messages tunde always sends.. I read the
first one. “hey shade, I missed you….. an hour without seeing your beautiful face feels like I’ve lost a moment of a life time, anyway I just text’ed to let you know I’ve finished preparing lunch, be home early hun it’s getting cold here”.
I kept reading and scrolling through my inbox and I felt alive and more in love, the more I thought about Tunde the more my bond for him grew stronger and nothing, I mean nothing can ever come between us, I felt determined, and I went to the shower took my bath and dressed pretty decent, I noticed my dad wasn’t home, I took the key and used the white car cos it perfectly
matched my white dress and black trousers i reversed the car and the gateman rushed and bolted the gate so I couldn’t get
through, I called him and ordered him to open the gate unless he’ll lose his job instantly he felt frightened and immediately unlocked the gate.
I was driving to the police station, I vividly recognized two policemen because of the incident with tobi so i was reliant on my
guess, I knew tunde was in the station tobi was before so I drove there… Immediately my phone rang, and it was the Gov.Son, I
ignored the call but he never gaveup calling so I had to pick up to know what’s up because the gateman must have told him
how I left the house.
Me: hello, what’s it this time?
Gov.Son: hmm, you’re good, you finally succeeded with tricks on the gateman?
Me: I’m busy now, if you don’t have anything important to say I’ll have to hang up.
Gov.Son: I know you are heading for the police station well what do you plan in doing?
Me: it’s none of your business bye… Cuts the call

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My Lovely Houseboy

Episode 30

I was really angry he called, I set his number to call divert I don’t like to be played fool with.
I then remembered that Tunde damaged his cell phone when he fought with Dammy the Gov.Son. so I drove to a small retail phone
shop and bought a cheap but manageable android phone for him alongside a sim card and I re-drew some small cash from the ATM with good faith of bailing Tunde out of that rotten police station.
I Reached the Police station, and I
recognized a policeman there who came and helped me park my car and then explained how bad tunde had been messed up, he told me the governors.Son instructed some wicked policemen to beat him up. He then further led me to where tunde was kept, tunde was so shocked to see me, we hugged each other so tight and I gave him some foods and drinks i bought from the eatery.
My eyes where red and I almost cried when he explained all that happened at the sale, he even said the governors.Son personally
came and punched him back like they did in movies, he said the policemen held him making him a punching bag for the governors son. Hearing all this totally made
me feel very sad

My Lovely Houseboy

Episode 31

I gave him the phone and he did the manual setup for the android device, I collected the other kind policeman’s mobile number
along with Tunde’s new mobile number and went to the counter to seek bail but I was disappointed to here that the case was a delicate and special case and that no bail will be granted till next week monday. I went to
were tunde was and I gave some other few guys in the police cell the food I bought and they all felt happy and I kissed tunde and went home and told him he will be free by next week.
I drove home feeling disappointed, I mean I could have bailed him if i had enough cash
with me but I failed anyway I’ll just have to wait till next week, I drove to my devilish home and horned a little and the GateMan
opened the gate and I drove in with the car and parked quietly incase my father was home I climbed through the stairs and the
house seemed very quiet I went to my fathers room and he wasn’t home yet, I then went to the governors.Son room and it was locked, but I heard someone talking inside his room it looked like a phone call. So I went closer the door to hear.
Gov.Son: hello, why did you let shade enter the police station? you guys are so foolish, anyway has she left? Okay, what!!! She
bought him a phone? I want you to cease it immediately, officer I want you to kill him this night, yes…. I want you to ask your boys
to beat him to death, yes….. Kill him. Okay, don’t fail me this time, I’ll deposit ten million naira on your account so don’t worry. Okay
I was so scared when I heard this,
immediately I ran to my room and picked up my phone and composed a text message to
Tunde and the other kind Policeman telling them that tunde was in danger they should escape immediately. immediately the
Governors Son entered my room smiling….

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