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[Story] Mr Lecturer Episode 15


[Story] Mr Lecturer Season 1 (Complete Episodes)


Episode 15

“stay put in the car. No matter what happens, do not over react or exchange words with my mother in law or anyone who confronts you” i seriously said to Comfort, killed the car engine, got out of my car and headed towards my mother in law who simply stared at me silently.

I nervously drew close to the old woman with prayers in my lips, praying for her to believe my explanation because things actually looked quite bad from every point of view.

“good afternoon mum. I believe i have things to explain” i breathed carefully.

“of course you have a lot of things to explain especially to Jessica. The poor girl almost went mad when she saw a strange towel and female undies in her bathroom. You can’t believe how she has been insisting on seeing you before travelling to Abuja with me tomorrow, only to get here and discover something that almost killed her” she screamed at me. Her words almost pushing me down with the power they flew out from her lips.

“mum things really aren’t the way they look. I returned from the village yesterday to see Comfort waiting for me. She said her parents threw her out of their house and she had no where else to go. I couldn’t afford throwing her out because i still need her help. I also can’t afford lodging her in a hotel and i also couldn’t find a cheap cool apartment for her that same yesterday. I had no choice than to let her spend the night with me and it really left a sour taste in my mouth because she nearly died in the night. Infact we are just coming from the hospital” I told her the plain truth, even though it sounded unbelievable.

“my mother is even coming over tomorrow because of this new problem. I couldn’t tell you nor Jessica because i never wanted my poor wife to suffer more pain with the news. But now i do know that it was a very big mistake on my part. Who knows how she’s feeling inside” i explained nervously. The old woman breathed deeply, shaking her head.

“you better stay here while i go talk to my daughter. Just wait” she said, turned and went into my apartment. I stayed back and prayed silently. I couldn’t help but wonder how shocked Jessica felt when she discovered the items in the bathroom.
My mother in law showed up about ten minutes later and told me i was free to see my wife.

I hurriedly went into the apartment, my heart pounding furiously. Jessica sat by the dinning table. Her face drawn and filled with pain. I cautiously drew close and touched her shoulder.

“my love i do know that i’m the worst husband any woman could ever have. Please i made a bad judgement call by not telling you about Comfort’s presence. I did it for the sake of your health. For the sake of your heart. For the sake of our baby. Please i beg of you, try and understand. Of course you know Comfort means nothing to me” i begged solemnly.

“understand what?. That a desperate girl showed up to take my position just few days after i left the house. Fine, i understand. I’m leaving. I’m going to the capital city tomorrow. I’m going to give birth to my baby. I don’t care what you do with your Comfort” she instantly flared up, pushed me and left the apartment. I ran after her, very scared of where she was heading. She soon got outside, headed straight to her mother’s car, Jumped inside and shouted at her mum, to take her home. The old lady obliged and all i did was shout my wife’s name as their car sped away.

“Jessica!, Jessica!, my love” i screamed.
I couldn’t help but notice a small smile on Comfort’s face as she watched the whole scene from my car.


[Story] Mr Lecturer Episode 15

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