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[Story] Total Love (Complete Episodes)


[Story] Total Love (Complete Episodes)



[Story] Total Love (Complete Episodes)

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The story below is an exclusive work of a hardworking writer. All forms of reproduction in parts or full without prior written permission of the author is vehemently prohibited. No part of this story may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical or otherwise). Any form of plagiarism will be thoroughly prosecuted. whenever you copy any of our stories to ur friends on whatapp, aways tag it with our website name.

This story is rated 18 and contains strong language and se.x.

Episode 1

It was as usual, the king was rushed into the car. The driver was already panicking, he was at alert to rush down to the hospital. The gate was quickly opened by the gate keeper the driver rushed out, the queen was sitting beside the king at the back seat. She was breathing out fast. Ruth had already ordered the second driver to drive her to the hospital also.

They got to the hospital, the nurses rushed out to aid in bringing him in as usual. They’d seen him inside before he was brought out. He was carried into the private ward that had been provided for him and his only daughter Ruth. The doctors that normally attend to him got the information about his arrival and got to work.

It was serious.

The drivers and guards were standing outside the hospital to guard, the Queen was sitting by the reception at the front of the private ward with her daughter. Ruth was weeping, it was normal of her because both of them are normally the victims. She was not herself, as she was standing, she would sit again, she was not in the mood to pick any call and neglected all her friend’s calls.

The nurses were coming in and out of the ward with trays and different things on them. They were also running up and down taking care of the King of that Kingdom. The doctors who knew and don’t even know about the illness were also there taking good care of him.

The overall doctor came out sweating profusely. Queen and her daughter rushed up to him. “How is my father?” Ruth quickly asked.

‘What of the king!’ The queen shouted out.

The doctor was sweating and looking at both of them. He was looking tired within. He didn’t say anything to them, he rose hid index finger up, ‘Let me see you in my office’ he said and headed there.

‘Can’t you tell me here!’ The Queen shouted.

“Office, my queen.’ He replied.

The queen wondered and hurried after him



Daniel was hurrying home, he had just gotten his admission letter into a university. He was hurrying home to show his parents that the school princes and princesses and other people would attend is the school he had been given scholarship into.

He got near the house and was hearing shouts from the house. He thought in him ‘this man has started today again, I will deal with him with my happiness.’ He entered into the house because the gate was opened but the sliding door was locked. He was looking at how his mother is being beaten up by his useless father after he had gotten himself drunk in the afternoon.

Daniel hurried back to the backyard, he got a pestle and broke the sliding door in. He ran towards his father that rose his head on hearing a smash at the sliding door. Daniel angrily hit the pestle on him and his father fainted. Daniel’s only sister, Beatrice that is normally called Bibi was just on her way home with her friends from the secondary school.

She got home and met the pandemonium, she was embarrassed in front of her friends and told them to leave for their various houses. David, Daniel’s father was taken inside the room, a lot of water was poured on him and he was exposed to fresh air. Gloria, the mother was still crying profusely.

At last he came conscious again, Daniel hissed and left the room. Gloria was still beside him despite the fact she was thoroughly beaten up by him. She loved her husband.


The doctor took her royal highness in to tell her about the critical condition of the King. “He has to be flown abroad for further treatment, he will need a kidney transplant operation that is tight, I guess it should be done abroad, not here for safe job.’ The Doctor said.

‘That’s no big deal, it will be done with immediate effect.’ She replied.

‘But, you’ll need a donor, you highness.’ The doctor said.

‘This is the third time he will be doing this, I will get one sir, at least I can’t donate to him, they aren’t compatible.’ The queen said.

‘Its alright.’ The doctor replied.


Episode 3-

The news of Daniel’s scholarship soon spread through the kingdom. He was so happy that at last he made it, although his parents weren’t that rich to cater from him that much. The family members will also come for assistance from his father. He loved his mother and his sister dearly, he hated his father when he turned his mother to a punching bag. The father didn’t remain the same again after the pestle had been hit on his head.

After David, Daniel’s father became conscious that day, he complained about severe headache, Daniel didn’t do as if he heard all his shouts from inside. When it became too much, Gloria begged Daniel to please drop his father off the hospital, at least David had a car that he did push around.

Daniel got up reluctantly and drove him there. He was surprised seeing the guards at the front of the reception door He and his mother helped his father down the car and the nurses came out as usual to help them. He was taken in and admitted, Daniel was sitting at the reception when he saw princess Ruth pondering about. He looked at her with a pitiful face. ‘What could be happening?’ He asked in him.’

The queen rushed out with Ruth running after her, they headed to the palace. Although many in that palace hated the Queen because of her wickedness. She got into the palace and urged the guards and maidens to get someone that can donate the king his or her kidney. They all refused doing this, they remembered one of them that tried it for the king and died the next day. They all thought they would die after donating the kidney.

‘It will be done abroad this time around not in this kingdom.’ She said.

The guards and maidens continued murmuring and still refusing on donating a kidney.

‘What next?’ She thought in herself


Episode 4-

The Queen and the princess rushed back to the hospital to check on the king and tell the Doctor that nobody was found. The driver drove as fast as he could, the queen rushed down and straight to the Doctor’s office to tall him about it.

‘Your Royal Highness, you have to get, its dangerous.’ The doctor worried.

‘But no one is trying to volunteer, nobody. I wish I can.’ She said sadly.

‘But I can help you ma.’ The doctor said.

‘Yes, any amount, I will pay.’ She said fastly with loud voice.

‘I can get someone that will donate but its costly.’ He said.

‘Just tell me the amount of money, I will pay.’ She said with panic.

‘A million naira?’ He asked.

‘Is that all?’ She paused. ‘I will pay!’ She exclaimed.

‘Okay, just take It easy, please ma!’ He said with concern.

‘I want to see him.’ She said quickly

‘You can go ma.’ He said.

The doctor smiled when he left. ‘I’m gonna get manie!’ He said and laughed.

Daniel was looking at the princess where he was, he stood up and moved near her. ‘What’s happening here please.’ He inquired softly.

The princess looked at him, she thought if she should d–n him or at least answer him. ‘The King is ill.’ She said and faced front.

‘Ill?’ He said and wondered.

‘Yes!’ Princess shouted. He was scared at her shout and went back to sit down quietly. Ruth thought in her that it was wrong of her to do that, she went near he was sitted and sat with him.

‘I’m sorry please, its not my fault, we need a donor critically.’ She said soberly.

‘Donor? Kindney?’ He asked.

‘Yes.’ She replied.

‘I guess I can help.’ He said.

‘What!’ She wondered.

Episode 5

Gloria came out and met her son trying to volunteer himself as a donor, the queen also arrived at the scene and was surprised seeing Daniel, wanting to be a donor. She rushed to advice the doctor that she had found a donor for the king. The doctor rushed out on hearing this, he was annoyed but pretended to be happy seeing him.

Preparations started for both of them to travel out. The king was in pain, and was happy he found a donor. Gloria wasn’t happy hearing her son being a donor, same as his father, David. Princess Ruth was so happy that the guy would help her father, the Queen was also happy and promised to repay them with goodness.


The council of elders and the Queen were sitting at the palace for a meeting. They wanted to choose a representative in place of the king till he comes back. The Queen was just shouting on top of her voice, she insisted ruling her husband’s throne. Queen was a wicked and heartless woman, it wasn’t that she loved her husband that much, she was only pretending. She was happy she had no male child so that if the king should die, she would take over the throne.

To the greatest surprise of the council, she stood up and put on the crown, she sat on the throne and said,’ as from today till my husband comes back, I will be controlling this kingdom.’ She said and laughed out.

Ruth and her friends were in Ruth’s room, gisting about their admissions. They were all happy they made it, although they were all not brilliant but the fact about them being the children of chieves in that kingdom.

‘That guy is great o, never knew he would do it.’ Princess said

‘What are you saying? Rachel asked.

‘Just remembering the issue of the guy who told me he would donate kidney for ma dad.’ She said.

‘Hmmn! Don’t let me hear oo.’ Beatrice added.

‘That what?’ They all laughed.

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Mr Rock
7 years ago

Nice story

6 years ago

Though it took me some time to finish reading, it was a Wooow story. Remain blessed

6 years ago

I love dis story frm the begining 2 the end, sweet indeed :-*

6 years ago

how can I get these stories through whatsupplz

3 years ago

The story was awesome and interesting , good start and nice ending

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