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The Bad Boy’s Guide: How to sext properly and get nudes



The title sounds very simple and direct but it is very difficult to do especially if you don’t have the required talking skills to pull it off.

Disclaimer, you need to be a smooth talker!

Sexting is also a gift and a curse, allow me explain this further. It’s a gift because you can use this to learn more the other person sexually, if they’re into the same thing as you, or even if than you.

If you’re the quite depraved person, you’ll love sexting. It can be a curse because it is done digitally, you cannot gauge the person’s reaction. If she is pissed off about the topic you’re veering into, if you’re bad at this, it can get you blocked and reported as spam and many other disasters can rain upon you.

But we have to also address the controversy that arises when these nudes get leaked which is why a lot of people turn down the chance to receive or send one. Thank God for apps like Snapchat where it can vanish after viewing it, and you can delete from Whatsapp too.

Sexting has another huge advantage, some ladies may like this and others not so much. With enough sexting, your first date can also be the time you have sex, because of the on point conversations around sex that you’ve shared along the way.

The art of getting sex before having it.
(The Cord)

For people who are enthusiastic about sexting but haven’t found the courage to do it, their excuse usually is “I just don’t know what to say”.

Knowing what to say

According to Tina Horn, a teacher, media maker and author of Love Not Given Lightly. She explains that it isn’t true about not knowing to say but rather not knowing how to say it. It could be that you want to massage her ass, or play with her boobs, or you love getting a sloppy head or whatever fetish you’re into.

What you want to do is in your mind, the words to string together to tell her is usually the problem.

Talking about sex can be silly even worse asking a lady for her naked pictures, but it’s not that bad.

You’re going to sound silly, but don’t worry about it

Sex like I have written before is an animalistic behavior talking about it is even worse, if you move into the territory of this conversation, some ladies will cut you off. Block you or even delete your number like they just heard you murdered their beloved parents.

It is that serious with some ladies, they see it as profane discussion. Talking about sex is seen by some people as worse than actually having sex.

This difficult act is what some guys have made look easy with how much nudes they’ve seen in their lifetime.

Sexting will make you sound silly for sure, and you have to get over that quickly. One thing about sex and people is that we love control, if you can let go of control then you may have a much wilder experience. During sex, a strong willed lady can become a shy princess who wants you to cum into her mouth , a shy guy can become a fearless lion in bed.

The advice here is for you to allow yourself be silly, and saying things you enjoy about sex. You’ll have to get your inner porn star to come out. Let your nasty mouth blossom, but watch it, make sure she buys what you’re selling at each stage.

The more you do it, the better you get

Just like every other thing in life, the more you sext, the better you get at it. Sexting is also delicate, you have to adequately balance both. One is telling her about what is sexy to you, and secondly, saying things she would love to hear as well. It’s sort of like killing two birds with one stone.

It’s all how about how it is said, not what is said.
(Internet Matters)

You don’t have to go full throttle at first, start lightly. For example, don’t go

“Would love to choke you from behind, one hand pulling your hair, the other one choking you”

She might be into it, but that independently without context can get you blocked everywhere. iou need to work your way up to that, start really slow.

You can start these conversations talking about kissing, making out, then you go for the intense one as she responds, if she doesn’t respond well to the soft cues of kissing and making out, then you can just stop it, before it can become an embarrassing situation.

Try statements such as

I really like kissing/making out, what about you?

Try to find things you both like about sex.

These questions are soft questions that will give you a chance to know what she is into, and not embarrassing. If she isn’t into it at this point, if she is sluggish about replying, ask her if she is comfortable about this type of conversation, if she isn’t. Just move to other topics, it could be that she isn’t comfortable talking about that with you yet or she doesn’t talk about sex generally.

Compliment her and her figure

Everyone likes compliment, but it is also true that some people try to look immune to compliments, the reason why they’re lower the impact of the compliment is that it makes them feel good about themselves. You also have to be honest, don’t go for compliments that just aren’t true.

How to use words to warm you way through her.
(Notable Life)

If she’s busty or endowed behind, don’t just throw it out there saying, like

“You’ve got big boobs! I love big boobs”

The problem with this is that some ladies may like it, but many more will find it offensive but rather phrase it around what she is wearing.

Instead, say something like

“That top makes your bust more prominent, you’re look so sexy in it”

Just a stylish way of saying that top makes your boobs look big, then more importantly wait for how she responds to it, if she is very receptive of the complement then you can take it a step further from there.

Just know sexting is all about your language and confidence.

If she hasn’t asked you send a nude, please under no circumstance should you send it first. It’s invasion of privacy. The picture of a dick doesn’t look as sexy as boobs or pussy, so just relax about sending unsolicited nudes.

Braless pictures are one step towards nudes, take it with your chest.

The right circumstance to ask for nudes

In my experience, the best time to ask for nudes is when you’ve been talking about sex, and it’s really intense, and it seems like you’re both aroused and appropriately horny. That scenario is just right to ask for nudes.

And you should ask about that in stages, you can start with

“With all of these talks, I can bet your nipples are hard right now”

Allow her to confirm this first, let her confirm that she is horny as well, then you can hit her with

“I would do anything to see it right now”

Wait for her response, don’t push it. Just be cool, let her be the one to make the decision. If she is the teasing kind then she might send you a picture of her chest that shows her erect nipples covered with bed spread or a tiny tower, that’s not revealing much.

It’s a long game that you need patience to play. I cannot say it enough, you have got to be cool.

Good luck on your quest to start receiving nudes.

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