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The Missionary: 7 things guys totally hate about this sex position


Some guys hate on missionary sex position.

The whole procedure of you lying on your back and being on top, placing your hands right behind your shoulders, and thrusting doesn’t appeal much to many guys.

Despite being one of the simplest positions and some guys love to try complex positions. Here are seven reasons why guys hate the missionary sex position

1. Not his best sex position

Some guys believe the missionary sex position is awkward and boring. They prefer the doggy or cowgirl position because it spices things up and it is not the default sex position.

2. He always has to be doing something with his head and face

With missionary, he has to be kissing or burying his face in your neck or … something. He can’t just sit there and stare at you during sex. He needs other activities than just burying his face in your neck.

3. He does all the work

This is not the sex position for the lazy man. Naturally, missionary sex means the guy is going to wind up doing all the thrusting. Maybe he just woke up and you’re looking for some lazy morning sex. So is he. And for him, this is the opposite of laziness.

4. It’s very basic

As earlier said it is the default sex position for a lot of people. It’s simple to do that there is hardly any fun in it after trying it out for a while.

5. If he’s husky, it’s not ideal

For guys with a husky voice and who like to express themselves during the sex, the missionary position might nit be ideal. This is because the guy will moaning too close to his sexual partner’s ear and it might be distracting and spoil the mood.

6. His arms need activity

There’s no ideal spot for his arms during missionary. Sure, he can put them under you or at your sides, but it just feels awkward. And standard push-up position makes this feel a lot more like NYSC training than missionary.

7. There’s less to see

When it comes to missionary, there isn’t much to look at. Men are very visual during sex. They want to see more than their partner’s face. They want to have a view of everything from the curves to other body parts. Unfortunately, the missionary position doesn’t give a wide view.

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