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The Perky Queen! Have you seen Huddah Monroe’s new boobs?



Huddah Monroe is a Kenyan celebrity who became famous all around Africa and the entire world when she featured in the Big Brother Africa 8. According to BuzzKenya, she along with Vera Sidika played a leading role in imbibing the western culture into the Kenyan youths.

Huddah Monroe

She was born Alhuda Njoroge on the 10th October 1991 at Eastleigh, Nairobi Kenya. The video vixen is one hell of a sexy lady with a good sense of humour, and . in 2016, .
She wrote “This pussy be good, got Niggas coming back like they never left!”.
She then went ahead to advise ladies to never get back with their ex except on one condition, that is if it’s just a one night stand.
The result she is in the news this time around is to flaunt her boobs, all the #TeamBoobs people in the house, raise your hand. Recently, she underwent surgery to enhance her boobs, and from the looks of it all, we’re loving how they look so darn perky.

Can you see the new perkiness?

The photo she shared on Instagram story was captioned, “For Daddy”
This isn’t the first time that she is undergoing surgery, she recently revealed when she enlarged her boobs it was because of the issues she had personally and from the societal pressure she received.

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