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#WorstSexExperience: I traveled from Ibadan to Lagos for some action but I couldn’t get it up


Seriously? I calmly texted back. Yeah, are you going to be home? You stay in surulere, right? Yeah Okay, would noon be perfect for you? Yeah, sure I got out of my bed, rushed up to the kitchen to wash up the dishes and all other necessary chores.

I read the text again, maybe it was one of those april fool pranks even if it was not the first day of the month, we were still in April anyway.

*Are you free today? I would like to come spend time with you*

After months of sexting and all that, I knew just exactly what she was coming to see me for but now there was a problem. She was in Lagos, I was in Ibadan at the moment. I had to be sure if she was serious before I took any course of action.

*Seriously?* I calmly texted back.

*Yeah, are you going to be home? You stay in surulere, right?*


*Okay, would noon be perfect for you?*

*Yeah, sure*

I got out of my bed, rushed up to the kitchen to wash up the dishes and all other necessary chores.

You see I lived with my grandmother in IB so all these were my responsibility. Chores all done, I went up to Grannie’s room to inform her I was heading to lagos. I had to see someone, something important.

45 minutes later I was in a bus to lagos.

Time was 8:30am, I had texted my brother to help me clean up the room in surulere. It was going to be needed. Got a text back that the room was in perfect order and only my cousin was going to be home. Perfect! I plugged my ears and let music flow as I tried to sleep through the trip down to lagos. Sleep wasn’t forthcoming but my eyes remained closed for the better part of the journey.

Two hours later without the typical lagos traffic and I was in Surulere. As I got off the danfo at National stadium, I shook my head at myself. See how ass make me run impromptu trip. I walked the short distance to the house with a huge smile on my face. Got home and met my cousin who was busy playing FIFA (One of those who believes FIFA is better than PES,smh).

“How far na, wetin bring you come Lagos? How grandma?”. He fired out without taking his eyes off the tv screen.

“I just come relax small jare. That ibadan get as e be. Grandma dey okay”.

We did not need to talk much, our family was like that. I made my way to the room and took off my footwear and socks before heading to the kitchen. There was some rice and fried stew around so I help myself, I sure was going to need the strength if I was going to fuck Halima well.

Halima,the lady in question. We had known each other for a little under a year. Met at one of those random parties and I was hooked on the kinda ass she had right behind her. It was doggy fit! We had exchanged numbers and BBM pins and in a few weeks, our conversation became rated 21 exchanged nude pictures, sexting was constant, even got regular videos of her playing with herself. My chats with her were a mini pornhub.

So you can imagine how excited I was, played out the different positions we were going to fuck, doggy was paramount in there. Her ass was a work of art, not the picasso type.. it was something more.

I laid there on bed, trying to at least get some sleep before she arrived but sleep was still playing games with me. So I just kept tossing and turning, thinking of how my dick was going to feel in her pussy and how warm her mouth would be.

My dick was all hard and begging for some action.. Nigga just had to calm down. It was just a matter of time before it got action.

It was almost 1pm when she texted that she was walking down my street. I had began to get worried when it was noon and I had heard from her. I had texted her my address around 11 and was expecting some sort of reply and shii but I got nothing. And I did not want to multi text and not look too desperate. But now she was almost here, I jumped out of bed, laid it properly for the match that was about to take place. Sprayed some air freshner on the fan.

Then went out, I stood infront of the house watching her walk down the street. She had a pair of leggings on that placed emphasis on her calling hips. I could only imagine what her behind would look like, betting she had no panties on. She had an arsenal jersey and cap to complete her outfit.

“Well, you are looking way taller than I remember” She said as she finally got to me and hugged. Oh her soft body, my dick was already doing the samba dance.

“Taller or shorter?”. I Laughed while she shook her head.

I led the way into the house. Introduced her to my cousin who finally managed to pause his game and take his eyes off the tv screen.

As I led Halima to the room, he was throwing his hands up in mock salutation.

I was about asking Halima what I should offer her when she grabbed my hand and pulled me in close for a kiss. As it was, my hands found their way to her ass and God was it soft. As expected she had no panties on. The lady came really prepped up. Then she broke off the kiss…

“Let’s not talk much, just give me some good fucking” She whispered in a voice that was so hot that I almost came all over myself.

I got to unbuckling my belt at the speed of light and getting my dick out while she turned around and made me watch as she peeled the leggings off her ass. My heart was beating at a really fast rate,possibly the fastest since I have been born. She bent over and held onto the edge of the bed for a while,I knew she was putting on a show for me. Then she turned around to face me and took off the cap. Only thing left on her banging body was the arsenal Jersey.

“I so love dicks like this” A whisper again as she grabbed my dick and came closer. Then she went on her knees and took me in her mouth. Fuck! It was warmer than I expected. She took the whole of me in at a go and let me stay there. Babe was choking herself on my dick! I was in tenth heaven already. Then suddenly she pulled her mouth off, coughing as she did so. Did she not see how huge I was before going in like that? I shrugged. She was up again and turning around this time…

“Fuck me” she said in a loud clear voice.

I could not explain my joy at that particular moment. Grabbing my dick with one hand and other hand grabbing her hips, I stepped forward. Then the huge grin on my face disappeared, my dick was going all limp within my grasp. My eyes opened up in horror. What was going on? I quickly stuck my finger into Halima’s pussy, she was wet as could be. I started finger fucking her as she wriggled her ass to match the movement of my finger.

My other hand was on my dick, stroking as I started thinking of what was going on. There was no valid explanation.

“Give me that dick now, Please” Halima moaned out. Dick bawo, I had a limp one in my hand and nothing I was doing or thinking seemed to be helping. Everything and anything was just running through my head at an alarming rate. I could not gather my thoughts together. I closed my eyes and pulled my finger out of Halima and stepped back, opened my eyes to stare down at my misbehaving dick.

Halima turned around to see what was wrong.

Then she saw my dick and for a brief moment, there was a long of shock on her face then she went on her knees again. And for the next few minutes she worked her mouth on my dick but no matter what she did, I never got hard. Finally she gave up.

“Don’t worry, I think it has something to do with me” She tried to console me but no matter what she was saying, my mind was in a turmoil. This was an ass I had been wanting to fuck for months and I had just fucked up. What would she think of me after all these?

We spent the next hour gisting, talking about irrelevant things before she left. I could not sleep properly for the next four days. That was how long it took before I got a hard on again

And Halima..

We got back together a month later and fucked like pornstars.

Story by Anonymous

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