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Not Letting Loose Your Fart could Be Injurious To Your Health


Farts or Flatulence or Intestinal gas are normally caused by trapped air that comes from varying sources. Some of it may be air that we have swallowed, while drinking or chewing. In other cases, it may be gas produced by bacteria living in our guts or chemical reactions in our intestine.
As unpleasant as it is to talk about, fart could be a sign of digestive problems that could be cured naturally. But has anyone told you that holding in gas could be harmful to your health?
The smell of a fart is determined by several factors. One of the major factors is your diet. To reduce the smell, you should avoid food such as bran, cabbage, broccoli and beans. The amount of gas caused by different foods will vary from one person to another. For instance, two individuals may consume the same type and amount of beans. However, the amount of gas in each individual will not be the same.

Effects of holding-in Fart

Take note that it may be impossible to hold-in gas . If you sleep, at the movies, or on a plane, the gas will escape on its own. Coughing or sneezing may also let the gas loose.
Holding in gas may cause problems such as; indigestion, bloating and in some cases, pain. That is because the pressure of flatus must go somewhere. If not expelled, the gas can blow up the intestinal wall, creating pockets called diverticula. When these pockets get infected, a painful and life-threatening condition called diverticulitis can result.

Natural ways to prevent excessive gasPreventing excessive gas

Avoid foods that give you gas. Everyone should make a personal list, since we all have different reactions. It’s not just about the food, but about how your body reacts to and digests it.

Experiment with probiotics to improve the microflora of your intestines. When you eat foods, you are feeding them more, than yourself. Billions of bacteria feast on your feast

Drink more liquids to avoid constipation. This means you will also have to urinate more frequently, which people also have difficulty finding time to do.

Take frequent bathroom breaks.

Avoid elevators. It will also be good for your heart to climb the stairs.

Try anti-odor underwear.

Be tolerant of others. Most people are more tolerant of a dog farting than a human.

Take steps that will prevent you from swallowing air such as chewing your food thoroughly before you swallow, eating slowly, avoid using a straw to drink, avoid eating hard candy or chewing gum and do not drink alcohol.


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