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How To Download From Uploadmor Links [Upload.co] [Updated 07-09-2017]


Step by Step Guide On How to Download from upload.co [ Updated 7th September 2017 ]

  1. Cilck on the download, make sure you untick DOWNLOAD VIA ADDON

  2. The next page will tell you that a download link has been generated for you and will last for 8 hrs

  3. now you have to click and hold on the DOWNLOAD BUTTON so it’ll bring out options…. after that you click on open in new tab

thats all guys 🙂 enjoy

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6 years ago

Hi guys. I downloaded Black Val and A few good men from uploafmor link but they just won’t play even after the download is complete.. I made sure I followed the directions but none of my video players could play it (vlc, vidmate, UC browser video player nothing) Please let me know if there’s a way out

6 years ago

I have been trying to download it but it’s not working

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