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Davido’s Manager – Kaffy Is Looking for Attention, We Won’t Give Her


Davido’s manager Kamal Ajiboye – who Kaffy called out in her rant has revealed the reason they haven’t responded fire for fire to her outburst.

According to Kamal the reason is because Kaffy is looking for attention and himself and Davido won’t give her that. “I am not aware of any problem between Davido and Kaffy.

Davido said that he didn’t need dancers for his performance and I don’t see how that is a problem. We saw what she posted online but we chose to ignore it because we are too busy to comment on such.

Davido does not have any particular dancer that he works with. During the particular show, while he was about to perform, the organisers wanted to include dancers with his performance and he declined because the stage would not be big enough for him
and the dancers to perform.

I don’t know how that should be anybody’s problem,” he told Saturday Beats. “During a show that he had at Eko Hotel, he had about 30 dancers on stage with him. If he does not have regard for dancers, would he have employed their services? People just like to seek for attention and we would not give it to them.

The only thing I can think of is that she is just seeking for attention. I mean they wanted to put dancers on his stage and all Davido said was that he did not want.

How is that anyone’s problem? I think you should call Kaffy and ask if she has any problem with Davido.”

Davido also said he doesn’t have any problem with Kaffy in an interview recently ( here)

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