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See the Things Ladies WORRY about when they are about to have S.ex with a guy


Ever wonder why it’s so difficult to get laid sometimes…?

Ladies are a nervous bunch when it gets to that point in a relationship when it is time to get intimate with the man in their lives for the first time.

Doesn’t matter if it is one, three or six months after they meet but there will always be questions reflecting worry that lead up to this moment that is normally awaited with bated breath.
Below are the things that worry the ladies to near death…. Loading…

1. Is it too early or too soon?
2. Will he use protection?
3. Will he agree to use protection if he doesn’t want to use them?
4. Will I live with myself if we end up hooking up without protection?
5. Should I shave?
6. Did it make me seem cheap by putting out so soon?
7. What do I wear?
8. Should I buy new, s.exy underwear for the occasion?
9. What colour should my underwear be?
10. Will we be se_xually compatible?
11. Will he be too big or too small?
12. Do I need to work on my flexibility up in case he is too
13. Should I watch adult films just in case he asks me to take the lead?
14. Does he regret sleeping with me?

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