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World’s Top 5 Female Rappers


The history of Hip Hop songs is filled with great personalities and most of them are the females. We are gonna mention names of world’s top 5 female rappers with a short description of their biography and most popular songs that made them popular. So, here is the list with the descending order.

5- Kolera:
We placed Kolera on the fifth place but she stands on the first best female rapper in the Turkey.

She is most commonly known as “Turkish Women King Rapper”. With the age of 33, she has got a strong and melodious natural voice.

Kolera’s most popular songs include Yaprak Dökümü, Kurgu Bilimi, Kleptoman and lastly the Matine Aralari. These mentioned
hip hop songs are also considered to be the breakthrough of her career. She has a number one place in Turkey but in our world’s top 5 ranking, she stands well at the fifth position.

4- Lauryn Hill:
Her 41 years old vocal cords are capable of producing a tuneful voice that can easily arrest anyone’s attention. Lauryn Hill is actually an American singer as well as the rapper, songwriter, actress, and record producer. Some popular
songs of her entire career are “Doo Wop”, “Can’t Take My Eyes
Off of You” and “Ready or Not”. She literary own this position!

3- Missy Elliot:
We will firstly mention her REAL NAME because most of the hip-
hop songs lover doesn’t even know her real name. Melissa
Arnette Elliot is an American dancer, rapper, and record producer and she is commonly known as Missy Elliot.

In her 45 years of age, she has got countless fans in her life. Her songs are quite different and original yet always amazing.
Melissa’s most popular songs are “Work It”, “Hot Boyz”, “Lose Control” and the “1, 2 Step”. With her Terrific Attitude, she is also very famed in T.V shows and in movies as well. “The Road to Stardom with Missy Elliot”, “Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show” and “Pootie Tang” are great example of her incredible talent in the field of hip-hop songs.

2- Lil Kim:
Most of her fans aren’t familiar with her REAL NAME, so here it is. Kimberly Denise Jones is an American rapper, record producer, actress, model, and songwriter.

The Bedford-Stuyvesant, NYC is
her birth place. Her Popular songs are Crush on You, How Many Licks, and Magic Stick. Lil has also a great play in TV shows and Movies like Dancing with the Stars. Well, “Not Tonight” and “No Time” are also one of the most popular and amazing songs which are also exclusively included in the top 5 songs of Lil Kim.

1- Nicki Minaj:
Here comes the final and the most TOP RATED FEMALE PERSONALITY of our list. Nicki Minaj’s basic info is listed below:

Date of Birth – December 8, 1982

Full Name – Onika Tanya Maraj

Birth Place – Trinidadian

Nicki’s first studio album was “Pink Friday” that was released in 2010 and that was Nicki’s first platform where she got the real fame. Actually, the “Pink Friday” was her first breakthrough of her career. As Nicki Minaj is famously known for her rapping, singing, and songwriting, she also has worked for many movies and the best of the best was the Ice Age:
Continental Drift and it was her first movie as well. Some of the famous songs of Nicki Minaj’s
includes the “Bang Bang”, “Starships”, “Turn Me On”and “Bottoms Up”. These mentioned songs of Nicki are also listed in
the top ten songs of Nicki Minaj.
At the end, I would like to mention my own thoughts. I personally think that Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj are neck to neck because both, to some extent, have an equal level of fame. No
doubt, Nicki is making good hip hop songs and nice pop but Lil
Kim is also equally famous for her best rap songs.

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