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Darima’s Dilemma – Nollywood Movie

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Darima's Dilemma - Nollywood Movie
Darima’s Dilemma

A happily married lady harbours a secret that is capable of crashing her perfectly created home.


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  1. pls kindly upload Darimma’s dilemma again…the file isn’t playing after download. thanks n job weldone! kip it up

  2. Hello 9ja Rocks, thanks for uploading these interesting movies. l always look forward to new updates. could you please rectify the skipping problems in Derima’s Dilemma by re-uploading it cos it’s the interesting part that skipped. l will appreciate it if u could. Thanks once again and I look forward to a reply.

  3. Pls 9jarocks kindly upload Fine girl part 2. And also pls help to rectify the problem of derima’s delimma.Thanks

  4. Please 9ja rocks, derimas delimma is faulty, it skips from 56mins to 1hr 48mins, can please rectify, thanks

  5. Mr rock I’ve been looking for this movie for a very long time now n it’s skipping the important part plssssssss do something about it. Good job

  6. ohhhhhh!!! Mr rock, a important part of the movie is skipping! Please help us oh! I am writting from Abidjan. You are doing à good job!

  7. Mr Rock, can you please check on the movie “Darima’s Dilemma”. The movie keeps on skipping making one not able to watch the full movie. Lots of people have complained about it yet you are not addressing the issue. Kindly rectify it for us. Thanks

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