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Awkward Sex: 5 awkward things that can go wrong while doing it


There’s no such thing as perfect sex. With the expulsion of air through the vagina, weird sex positions and every other embarrassing stuff that comes with it, let’s just face it, sex can really get awkward.

But you don’t have to be embarrassed by queef during sex or an awkward moment, so just have fun while we look at some of the most common awkward things that can happen during sex.

1. Quick climax

Climaxing or coming too quick can be embarrassing. It can be frustrating for some men and that can leave your partner disappointed, but it does happen a lot, so just relax, get your energy back and try again.

2. Painful sex

It’s normal for you to have painful sex if you are not in the mood or you are doing it wrong. Yes! you can be doing it wrong by thrusting forcefully or hitting the wrong spot. So just take your time, lube up and make sure you engage in lots of foreplay.

3. Awkward positions

The kama sutra styles can be awkward due to the various styles and you have to bend in ways you never imagined. However, just take it easy and if you are not comfortable with a certain position, you can try something different.

4. Weird noises

This is a usual thing, especially when it comes to the bed’s cringing noise which is due to the whole pounding and thrusting. There’s also the moaning and the ultimate orgasm sound you make. Remember, it happens to us all.

5. The queef

This is the expulsion of air through the vagina. It occurs during sex and most girls don’t fancy it. Sadly, because air pockets can be created as your man thrusts in and out of you, the queef is bound to happen and there’s nothing you can do about it.

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